Happy Winter Solstice!

It’s all uphill now to warmer weather. Except for Jan, Feb, and March.

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Back atcha’ - and if you get the chance check out the night sky tonight. Its been 400 years since Saturn and Jupiter have been in this close alignment. Worth noticing, no?


Very worth noticing but of course, it’s snowing here. :frowning_face:

So glad to see the Winter Solstice. Couple more minutes of daylight tomorrow! Yay!!!

Just looked at the two planets. With my naked eyes, which are 20/20, they looked like one blur. They are very distinctive with binoculars.

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I had the same experience. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see Saturn’s ring.

My favorite kayak SOLSTICE

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Yepper, That’s a “Winter Solstice”…

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Give me that Old Tyme Religion.
Make sure you bring some evergreens into the house to makes sure the sun comes back.

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It has been a beautiful day here in Upstate SC. I’ve been out increasing my vitamin D several times.

Took some family out to the country last evening (Dec 22nd) to look at the planets. I took my spotting scope and was able to see the oblong-ness of Saturn. Not really a ring. It just looked oblong. However, through the spotting scope 4 of Jupiter’s moons were clearly visible. Pretty cool!