Happyfeet by jackson kayak

Anybody try them. I was thinking of outfitting my wavesport diesel 75 with them.

Yes I have
I tried them in my Dragorossi Fish and ended up selling them because I bought the wrong size. I now have them in my Dragorossi Pintail. I bought the smaller size this time. Overall they are fairly comfortable but it is hard to get them adjusted and keep them adjusted. I can’t use the heel blocks that came with the Pintail so I have decided to remove the happy feet and put foam supports in the nose. That works well for all my other kayaks and provides more solid foot support. YMMV

I have Happyfeet…
But I think my toes need clipping.

Got them only a few weeks
ago and have not made up my mind about it yet. While i love the boat, I am still unsure about the gizmos like the feet and seat. One part of me says they are just something else to break but the other part says, okay give them a chance. If it reduces the weight and only needs occassional adjustment when using them, I am for it. Not much of an answer from me.

well i gotta tell you…i got myself happypant cuz it cool as ice sitting comfort…smile

Waaaaaaaaay too mushy …
for me anyhow, not enough feel of the boat or solid bracing ability. Might be esp. so in a big boat like that.

Maybe try putting custom-angled/shaped foam up front if you need space or on your bulkhead if you have more average legs – I had a Diesel 65 but am going to finally try that someday soon with my Ammo M’s very similar bulkhead. VERY fun boat, by the way, much more maneuverable than the Diesel and very forgiving, just a little slower and needs the FAT hip pads and a bit more attention to comfort mods.

Yes, happy
I have a Jackson 4Fun with happy feet, and I like it. I’ve had many other ww boats with foot pegs, bulkheads, and minicell foam for foot braces, and I like the happy feet better than all of them. If I need to be snug for play time I pump them up, and if I’m cruising down the river enjoying the scenery I deflate them and get the circulation back in my legs.

If you’re the type who can set the foot brace and never adjust it you may not like them, because they do move around a bit and require occasional adjustment. For me the adjustment is a good thing.

I concur, I like mine. I even put them
in my surf boat. I will add the Happy Seat to my non-Jackson creek boat.


Tried them and resold them
Decided I preferred close cell foam.

My two cents…