Harbor Freight 90154 quagmire

We’re moving locally, it was a great excuse to pick up a trailer to be converted for boat use later on. Decided to pick up a HF 90153 (40"x48"), $180 on sale. So we go to the store, buy it, fill out their paperwork (including title), load it, bring it home.

I unpack the tires, etc., from one box.

Then I unpack the other box… There are WAY too many parts. Look on the side, it says 90154. Ok, I thought, they gave me the $400 (on sale for $300) 48’x96’ folding trailer. Weee, I thought, until I realize that they haven’t given me any of the hardware. No nuts, bolts, fender hangers, etc.

So I’ve got two boxes completely unpacked, each from a separate model. Not sure what goes in which box. I’ve got a title in my name that says 90154, and a receipt that says 90153.

Obviously I intend to call first thing and work this out. I don’t want to have to try and repack all the framework for the 90154. Hopefully, they’ll just concede their mistake and give me the right parts for the 90154. If not, at this point I probably would just want to pay the difference, or a portion of the difference and get the 90154.

Question for 90154 (48"x96" folding) owners: How many boxes did your trailer come in? I got two, so I am hoping it is as simple as handing over a third box with all the nuts, bolts, etc, in it.

Two big boxes
The bolts and nuts were in a smaller box in one of the big boxes. It’s unmarked, so double check to see if there are any small boxes that are heavy. Probably 6 in wide, 9 in high, 16 inches long.


I definitely checked everything. The box the frame came in looked packed fully. I am betting the nuts/bolts/etc come in the box with the wheels/fenders/lights/etc.

BTW, the 4x8 folding trailer
is usually about $300 and sometimes on sale for around $240 or so. That’s the one with the 12 in wheels.


Aye that’s the one the gave me (part) of
I asked for the 40x48" small trailer with the 12" wheels, they gave me half of that and half of the 48x96" foldable trailer with 12" tires.

HF was good about the transaction. I upgraded to the 91504 because it was going to be a lot easier. They gave me the lowest sale price of the year ($239) and an extra 10% off of that. So I had to pay the $38 difference and I’ve got a folding, tilt-bed 4x8 trailer instead of a 4x3.5 trailer. Not a bad deal.

Though, I do think the the smaller trailer was going to be easier to convert to a canoe/kayak trailer. Was just going to get a longer 2x2 box stock for the tongue and take out some leaf springs. I don’t know how I will handle a tongue extension on this model, or if I even need it. Meh.

If you have boats over about 14 foot
you will probably want to extend the tongue a little.

Glad to hear they gave you a good deal.