Harbor Freight trailers

Kayak trailer? I recently (Oct 5, 2017) went to purchase a trailer from Harbor Freight to set up for my kayak. (lots of you-tube videos on different set ups) I was told Harbor Freight has suspended selling the trailers due to the DOT certification being revoked. Apparently, the tires are failing and have blown out on the highway causing a number of accidents.
Anyone with a Harbor Freight trailer should look for a recall and carefully inspect the tires before using the trailer.

Could not find any info about tires, but did find this:


Only trailer lights and kits appear on the Harbor Light recall list. https://www.harborfreight.com/customer-service-product-support.html#5

Great. I have the light kit on my trailer.
Tractor Supply sells those types of trailers.

Harbor Freight is the Dollar Store of tools.
You go there when you need something NOW but payday isn’t until next week.
Yes, they have a few things that are ok, but most of their stuff is cheap Chinese junk.

As for their trailers, they are ok IN TOWN or on a slow country road BUT!!!
Their tires and bearings are NOT rated for more than 55mph which means that if you try the freeway or such, you have a coin-flip of the bearings burning out or the tire blowing. Put a load on that trailer and you risk both!

Again, they are fine in town or to take the local road to the nearby lake BUT, when the nearest lake to my house is 90 minutes by Interstate, I am risking too much to trust a HF trailer and will spend the extra money for a Malone which WILL do the job.

My experience with a 4’x 8’ folding Harbor Freight trailer (with the optional 12" wheels) has been that it works fine. I’ve hauled loads of firewood 100 miles at highway speeds and once hauled ~1400 of decking materials ~5 miles, which is more weight than the trailer is rated for. While they’re not the best quality trailers one can buy, they’re perfectly serviceable for most uses. If I was looking for a kayak trailer, I would certainly consider using a HF trailer for the basis. The only caveat would be that I’d remove one leaf from the springs, since I would be carrying way below the rated weight with it and softer springs would be easier on the boat(s).

I have used a customized Heavy Duty HF trailer for 3 years hauling 5 kayaks and gear across multiple states at interstate speeds with no issues. I did replace the original tires with high quality radial tires, rated for weights significantly higher than the weight capacity of the trailer.