Harbour freight vs amazon max haul hitch extender

Looking for which has better quality, I’ve watched several YouTube videos but still undetermined which is overall better

You didn’t give much to go on, but the maxxhaul has adjustable width and uprights on the sides to keep the kayak/canoe from sliding off to the side. Maybe you want those features?

Don’t know what you are comparing to or the adjustments you need, but Harbor Freight specs show the weight and load capacity. I know two people who own the Harbor Freight model. It performs adequately. The base models are priced similar to Amazon, but Amazon’s extender looks more adjustable. A higher load rating will carry more, but if it’s just for a kayak, you may be better off with a lighter model

I bought an aluminum ladder rack from Harbor Freight and it was half the price of other models. The primary difference was the Harbor Freight had edges that were not de-burred. I took care of that myself. Otherwise equivalent quality.

You’re right my question was too vague …: should get piece here be of any concern over time weakening , given the Amazon max haul has it but habor freight does not. Will be used with a 3rd Gen 6 foot bed tacoma to haul a 12 foot Dirigo 120 weighing about 55 lbs only and that’s its primary job

I think that extra joint could be a source of some looseness or rattling, but for the weight of a kayak I don’t think it will weaken the assembly. Having the extender break down into more pieces might actually be good if you get out in the rain and want the pieces to dry out inside to minimize rust.

Less pieces is definitely more solid for heavier loads. I expect one reason the Amazon version has more pieces is to make it more compact for shipment from China.

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Both products are rated for heavier loads than the kayak. (300 lb for Harbor Freight and 500 lbs for the Amazon). Using it for a kayak, I would not have concerns about the Harbor Freight model, but if you were to load lumber for example, you might be more discriminating.

That load is on my brother’s full size, heavy duty GMC carrying 12 linear feet by 4 feet by 6 layers of 1 1/16 inch oak planks. The weight is not as much an issue as the added load of hitting bumps.

I almost went that route but decided on a ladder rack. The light duty hitch extension would appeal to me for the kayak. At the price, I would just buy a second heavier version for my Chevy 2018 Colorado, if I wanter to carry lumber. Why handle a heavier extention than necessary. That’s why they make gym memberships. Either way, you win.