Hard chine blues

I miss my foster shadow terribly. Obviously I regret selling it. At the time I wanted something narrower (still do) and a little more leg/foot room. I figure the P&H Bahiya and Q-boat would be viable alternatives. Can anyone out there tell me how they compare to the shadow in leg room, I’m 6’1" w/ a 14 shoe. I’m really curious about the Bahiya. At my wieght(230lbs) I think she would be a perfect boat for an after work exercise/play paddle. Please share any other options that might be out there.

hard chine with foot room galore
New Peregrine Keweenaw 14 may be shorter than you are looking for but my husband sat in it at the QWS in Lansing MI and for sure it has hard chines and a LOT of foot room. He’s size 13 and had plenty of wiggle room. Only 38lbs! Made in Michigan too. He’s going to paddle one next weekend weather willing.

chines to the nth
It’s a unique boat, and you may love it or you may hate it, but it fits your criteria of hard chines and plenty of toe-room:

NDK Greenlander (or Greenlander Pro).

Seaward Chilco
Seaward Chilco is a great boat with hard chines that fits large paddlers (also comes in an HV version with a higher deck). But it’s a very different design than the Shadow or Q-boat. Probably faster, but not as nimble turning.

North Shore Polar HV
Or possibly the regular Polar. More rocker than the Nigel boats so quite nimble. Review of it is here on PNet.

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13’s fit in a Q
Like you, my feet are a factor in fitting boats. My size 13’s fit well in my Q, both with factory braces and even better with foamed front BH. With heels on center line, I can sweep toes in arc and just touch underside of deck wearing NRS Kickers.

marshall: do you carry North Shore?

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I'd never seen the Polar before; that is one appealing boat!

I wonder how it compares to the AA...

why not?
Get another Shadow?

I know you say you want something narrower but I have to ask why? The Shadow at 22" or 23" is a damn fast kayak, it also turns better than the Legend or Silhouette. It probably turns easier than a Bahiya too.

Foot room? I’m 6’6" with a 36" inseam and my six 14EEEE’s were very happy in my Shadow. I ripped out the foot pegs and braced off the bulkhead.

Have you thought about a P&H Quest? It’s got hard chines behind the cockpit.

The Bahiya was never that popular, it was considered by many to be a bit tippy or tender. You can probably find one used fairly cheap.

Maybe an old used Sirius L/HF? The one with the different hull, not the Sirius M with the higher deck.

my past shadow not so fast.
Maybe it was because my shadow (bought used) had some repair work on the bow, but i didn’t find it very fast. Using a wing paddle it would leave a wake that was scary. In my C-Trek, I am the limiting factor. I always thought my shadow might have been a custom order because it had the 23" width, but was only 11" from floor to bottom of the coaming. I believe they list it at 13". Was thinking the Bahiya might have some extra speed but still turn on a dime on edge. Thats my perfect combo.


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I would doubt the Bahiya would be significantly faster than a shadow, given the same "motor". Ditto the Q boat, particularly. You're going to have to prioritize: foot room, maneuverability, speed...

Wing paddle - perhaps it's time to (gasp) move away from a brit style kayak to an Epic or Seda or something similar.

chining in
I loved my Arctic Hawk, I’m 6’4" with size 14 feet. I see them turn up used from time to time.

i know, i know
Dam it, I want it all. I actually use a greenland paddle for fun/cruze/play. Just take out the wing for the exercise runs after work. I know a round hull is faster, but I like the feel of the hard chines.

Looks perfect actually
but forced to look at the used market at the moment.

The Seaward Chilco…
… has hard chines and great speed. Not as playful as brit boats though.

I know, I know… I need about 6 boats for everything I’d love to do.

Polar : AA
Hey Slush,

Delayed response due to being bonkers busy. Sorry.

My review of the Polar is here on PNet or on www.hudsonriverpaddler.org.

As to your question re: the AA comparison - for the couple of times I’ve been in the Anas, I couldn’t stand it. Spinny maneuverable yes, snarly secondary stability definitely. I think the kayak had it in for me of wanting to test my final stability (inverted that is). This could be that I was a mismatch for it at 6’ 185lbs. I know that the AA has it’s following but as each paddler will have their own reactions to each craft mine was definitely not in favor of the AA. Give me the Polar any day.


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