Hard Chine RotoMolded Boats?

Just trying to find out what is out there for hard chined touring boats out there as Peter at Valley hasn’t turned out an Anas Acuta RM to date.



Two quick ones…
Point 65N Crunch Rocker and Necky Elaho.

I’m sure others will come up with quite a few more.


elaho is about as much a hard chine boat as any prijon product. Multi chine,won’t behave like a ‘boxy’ hard chine boat like Anas.

Elaho sort of indexed soft chine
An indivdual with ties to Necky told me shortly after I got my Elaho DS some years ago that the ‘multichine’ hull is soft chine with edges.

pretty much.

wilderness systems
Hard chined arctic hawk in poly! skeg and ocean cockpit and recessed rear deck.

geez i am brilliant!

Anybody listening?


oh yeah
we’ll git right on THAT one!

prolly sell 75 in the first 2 years of production. which would make 75 happy people.


can I get mine

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in lime green?
or maybe sunburst?

so what are ya saying? I'm not brilliant?


a real rocket scientist.



Hard is relative…
To me, hard-chined means that I can drop a butt-cheek and have the boat actively respond, steering the way I want it to go. In plastic, the Tempests fit this picture. Their chines may be a bit rounded, but the boxy hull makes it behave like a hard-chinned boat to my feel (I have a Greenland SOF and started out with a Chesapeake).

I contrast the feel of a Tempest with that of a poly Avocet or Aquanaut. While nice boats, those two don’t give me the butt-steering I want. NDK’s Explorer and Romany do have it - they have boxy sides. The poly Romany is supposed to come out this spring.


Chines and Edges
Among the things the designer from Necky enlightened me about was differentiating between the chine and the edge. E.g. the Romany is a hard chine soft edged boat and the Elaho is a soft chine hard edge boat.

I think the rocker has more to do with the boat’s response to cheek drop to turn than the chine – my Nordkapp LV turns very nicely with the slightest cheek drop, almost as easily as my Romany.

The poly Romany is supposed to come out… originally Spring 2007, now Spring 2008 :wink: Last word I had was it was to be closer to the Romany S (HV) than the standard Romany.

does the chatham 16 RM have boxy chines?

let’s relax and have faith
P.Orton is probably completing the molds for the roto Anas even now a I type…shouldn’t be long before the press release is announced. If I had to guess I’d say end of March with the product available late summer.

Yes, the Chatham 16 had very full chines
The Chatham 16 RM has quite boxy chines

I visited the Kayak Centre in Wickford this past weekend - man, I love that place!!! The smell of expoxy and fresh gel coat as soon as you walk in the door. I think they should make a Glade Airwick scent in that smell so I can have it in my condo!!

Sat in the all new Anas Acuta with a KEYHOLE cockpit at least 3-4 times. Looking at it, my insides churn a bit with the blasphemy of a Greenland-derived design with a Keyhole and soft, wide, padded seat on it!! There are just some things you shouldn’t “westernize or civilize”…

However, that being said, that keyhole cockpit does kind of grow on you after you get in and out of the the boat enough times without the straight legged slide! That, and the fact that the thigh braces and deck height combination seemed to fit me very well.

But, no Paul, I did NOT buy it…though I think it will be a winner for those looking for that hull with the all the comforts for the soft, western physique!!


Just not the same
>Sat in the all new Anas Acuta with a KEYHOLE >cockpit at least 3-4 times. … There are just >some things you shouldn’t “westernize or >civilize”…

…though I think it will be a winner for those >looking for that hull with the all the comforts for >the soft, western physique!!

I’m just an OF I guess, but I can’t believe the AA paddling experience with a keyhole will be the same.

If it means more folks start enjoying a reasonable low volume boat with an “edge”, then it will be a good thing.

To me the AA is not something that is rational. I just don’t see how this nearly prehistoric FG copy of a bloated S&G copy of a SOF hunting boat made for a British visitor makes any sense either as a nostalgic heirloom or a kayak to paddle today. It has got way too much rocker, the ends are absurdly fine, the chines get bashed/chipped easily every time you go near rocks, it takes real effort to get it up to let alone beyond 4Kts, and everyone knows those hard chines are just waiting, lurking, eager to trip you up.

But once you get in one, you start to get a glimmer of being at one with a kayak. When you start to paddle one, you discover how sloppy you are and it teaches you not to be. When the fear of the dreaded hard chines eases, you find it is so nice in confused, messy places. Then you realize it a kayak you can be passionate about, but there is no way to explain other than it just feels so right.

I wonder if a plastic AA is really in the cards? Now that might be the ultimate rock/surf/play/weekend boat.

EEL - its all a moot point now…
I just bought a new FG Anas Acuta (quill over white/blue trim) so not only is the question of the keyhole on it moot - but this thread as well!!! Ah well…guess I will take it home, open the hatches up, and get that epoxy and new fiberglass scent in the condo after all. But man, what an expensive air freshener!!!

As to your observations about it being bloated, archaic, etc etc — sort of goes right along with those of us who use the Greenland Paddle - which has no place in “Serious Sea Kayaking”, to misquote a gentleman from across the pond!

No matter - the smile on my face will not go away, no matter how ‘out of date’ both the boat and the paddler you see in it are!



and YES…
I DID get the Ocean Cockpit version!



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Best Wishes

Thanks Roy
It just means you will have a familiar hull to use if you come out east to visit/paddle. I am also picking up an Aral from a guy here in case you want to use a BBK boat. (from your neck of the woods)