hard splash skirt

Anyone know of a maker of hard splash skirts? They cover the front of a recreational kayak like a standard splash skirt but maintain their shape. Saw one on a kayak, can’t find any one line. Thanks.

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Try searching on "kayak dashboard" and "kayak console". Harmony makes one but there is no guarantee that it will fit on the model you own. Kayak cockpits are not standardized. I recommend that you read the owner feedback ratings on the sites they are sold on -- many mention what model they own and whether it fit or not. Harmony makes them and L.L. Bean sells them. There are probably others:


Technically these are not "splash guards" or "sprayskirts" and they will not keep your cockpit dry, only offer a place to store items while paddling and some shade for your legs.

hard splash skirt
Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.