Hard to believe 2019 is coming to an end…

2019 marks 15 years since I started paddling. I did some tandem paddling with my father in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but with little kids at home I didn’t have time for anything serious. I started up again in 2004 (joined P-net in September) and quickly caught the bug. I’ve been having a blast ever since.

Due to cold weather, 2019 started off with more hiking than paddling but I still did 53 trips, which is a little below my ten-year average of 59 trips. That includes 3 overnight trips and 5 swims.

I won’t be paddling today, but I’m looking forward to getting back out on the water tomorrow to start 2020.

Happy New Year everyone!

You are very fortunate to have paddled that often. Happy New year!

Y-2-K plus two decades on wall nail pound,
whoever would’ve thunk earth still be makin’ rounds?
Cult Kool-Aid sippy trippers twenty years in the ground,
wonder what now they’d all drink if they had chose to stick in town?
(Guess 20-20 in foresight was tad too much for thought’s abound)

May the Flow, and a Happy New Year, be with all. That way, this time next year, one might say, “Hindsight is a finely aged 20-20.”

Oh! And if the flow ain’t with you, attain, my friend! Attain! I use a pole and some occasional tumblehome. (The later being shorthand for, “A Pisces’ Riparian Reunion.”)

@eckilson I’ll join you on a different river tomorrow. Looks like it’s the 28th annual New Years day paddle for the club. I think that I’ve made all but one of those - couldn’t get the canoe carrying vehicle started. We typically do an up & back on the Red Cedar. Should be interesting as the recent rains have put it up quite a ways.

2020 started with an easy trip on a local river - the West River in Northbridge, MA. Just enough to guarantee good paddling mojo in 2020!


The whole crew

(Helmet was overkill, but I forgot my hat)


That’s a motley crew to view in 20-20. Especially Pai Mei in a Tilley in an Indy, sort of a Kill Chill New Year’d Beard Day. (Although your neighbor Chuck seems to be obtaining nearly the same hirute-yourself results these days. Must be that Scituate water?) And, not sure if it’s a Wenonah Rendezvous, but the clear-coated kevlar canoe three to your left appears to have an old, Curtis Canoe decal at port bow. Yep, a curious lot. Having a lot of enjoyment to start their year.

Cheers to all!

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Great , diverse group of boats and paddlers.

77 days of paddling for me, I wanted to put one photo from each state I paddled in for 2019 but had to cheat for IA. It seems I already have many photos and video clips of Iowa so I didn’t bother to take any new photos. So I just picked a nice photo I had in the stash but the rest are all 2019. Now here is the fun, can you guess which picture goes with which state? States are AL, IA, MS, LA, WA (2), OR, (2), KS, ID, SD, WV(2)


Only 70 days paddling for me, all on or around the Great Lakes. Need to do better next year.

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good thing you’re maintaining your rookie status!

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0 days paddling for me in 2019. 2 paddles downstream after poling upstream with my buddy RavensJester in 2018. Down from the peak years doing 120 ww runs on top of 60 days sailing. 2000, Aaron was 5, first canoe, he’d already sailed to 4 states, starting at 3.
Perhaps staying dry helped me not have difficulty seeing yet another year go by lol.

Wow - that’s a lot of paddling, and a lot of states. I did manage to paddle in all 6 New England state this year - CT, RI, MA, VT, NH and ME. Your pictures are great - I can guess on a few of them.

Yup - need to get you out more this year :wink:


Well, once would be more lol.
Last couple times out, it just felt old. Not missing it, and these days it seems by not boating, the only driving I do besides work is cutting and hauling wood or going to the gun club, which is a straight shot up around the corner from NewBoston. I love not driving. Fred’s pushing 80, and I haven’t heard from him in awhile.
As mentioned, if you head this way on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon, give a shout and I’ll load up a boat and kick the mice out of my mukluks.