Hark! Happy Winter Solstice!



Nice! Thank You.


Very nice … Thanks

A local group; video made in Cross Village and the percussionist paddles a canoe. :canoe_red:

Beautiful! Thank you. ‘First day of winter’ sounds so negative. ‘Days are getting longer’ is way more positive.

Nice. We celebrated with friends and their children well into the night and early into this morning. They have done this for the last nine years and this is my first to join in. The kids, from middle school to college age hung out together to laugh, joke and catch up. As the parents come to re-connect, the kids have come to know each other as well and enjoy the solstice gathering.

The gathering was joyous. :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart: I promised to be there next year (grace willing).


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Thank you for that nice post. They play beautifully!

The snow flat with the narrow clearing beyond it—is that the launch spot you posted earlier this year where somebody had driven through the muddy grass?

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Snowy scenes filmed about two minutes away from one of my launch spots. Sturgeon Bay of Lake MI area.

Merry Solstice Fellow Heathens !

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Happy, happy heathens,
and healthy heatheness,
frolic round the monoliths,
they get as bergs with their undress,

taking solace in their solstice,
the sun is slotted for return,
stepping to it these stoned druid
must come unhenged to get sunburn