Harmony Adventurer Paddle Question

I recently bought a package deal from Outdoor Play that included a Harmony Adventurer Featherlock Paddle. I like the paddle well enough but have found that I need to carry a screwdriver with me to tighten the screw in the center clamp. So far it has not loosened while paddling, but when I first take it out and set it up getting ready to paddle, I have to tighten the screw to make the clamp tight enough to use. A few hours in the boat and it is still tight enough to hold so it seems to loosen when stored. This is my first paddle without a spring catch type of joining in the center and wonder if this paddle is going last or is it going to keep loosening till I can no longer get it tight enough to use. I know this paddle is still fairly new on the market but am wondering if anyone has had similiar problem and what, if anything they did to fix it.



Just pick up a small tube of Loctite 271 Threadlocker from your local auto supply store. Put a drop on the threads of the screw and let it set. The screw will never come loose again.

The screw must be able to be adjusted to compensate for wear on the shaft, so locking the screw is not the answer. Unless of course I just never again want to adjust the angle or length of the paddle which is it selling point.

Locktite Blue
is made to lock a screw, but not so tight that it cannot be loosened or tightened more.