Harmony Axis Thigh Braces anywhere?


New to the forum. New to kayaking. I should probably do an intro post… :slight_smile:

But first I have a straight forward question… It looks like Harmony used to make an add on thigh brace kit for the Dagger Axis, but has since gone out of production. I can’t find any online.

Does anyone know where I could find a set of those, new or used? I just got an Axis 12.0 after various experimentation and research and I’d love to have better thigh braces for it.



Have you looked at the minicell foam reshaped sets from NRS, or looked at shaping your own and gluing them in? I also saw inflatable ones on EBay but l don’t know how those would work for you.


I haven’t, no. Do you have a link? I see a Padz Kayak Thigh Pad from NRS, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re talking about. I like the look of the Harmony ones that extend into the cockpit opening a little. Seems like that would give a nice brace point.

Shaping my own and gluing them in is an interesting idea. Not sure what I’d make them out of or what type of adhesive would work well.


I am on a cell phone, not good for cut and paste. Look under nrsweb.com, WW Kayaking, Kayak Outfitting.

Dap Weldwood Cement. Shaped minicell foam is a fact of life for many if us.

I bought a set years ago for my Axis 12. I got them from a dealer that has since closed. They work well. You can really lock yourself in. Call Dagger. Call Tom’s http://topkayaker.com/

Minicell foam is available from many sources and can be carved to suit. It’s easy to glue it to the thigh area. People make thigh braces and seats out of it all the time.