Harmony Drip Rings

Anyone have experience with the Harmony drip rings? How are they?

Yes, I know it’s a watersport and all that, just wondering if the Harmony drip rings are an improvement or not. If not, I’ll live with the occasional drips and try to improve my paddling technique. :slight_smile:

I recommend drip rings
if you don’t already have them. They won’t likely keep you dry but drier. I know they work because I notice when one of mine gets offset.

But if you already have decent drip rings I wouldn’t replace them with “better” drip rings, I’d add the money to the new paddle budget.

I’m planning to remove mine the next time I go out as I read at another site that drip rings are essentially just water collectors and aren’t really useful. That got me thinking, so I researched forward stroke videos and images of the pros. Didn’t see any drip rings in use. Not sure what my preference will be, but going to give it a try.

alot depends on the design of your paddle blade. Some shed water off quickly and not on to you…others don’t.

Learning curve
Excellent point. I know zip about paddles and need to learn. Right now I have two sets of inexpensive Carlisle paddles, one 220 cm and the other 230 cm. I know there are much better paddles available. Have an ACA kayak skills class coming up, so maybe I’ll get some guidance there.

don’t get me wrong
…they don’t keep me dry! More like they just minimize drips to below annoyance level. Once it gets a bit choppy and stokes are also braces, everything seems to get wet anyway.

You’re so right…
Took only about five minutes of paddling before I put the rings back on. With the rings off, the water just runs down the shaft into a puddle and there’s no chance of any it being flung off during the stroke. Since it’s about 60F, had my half-skirt on and didn’t get wet. No chop, but there was wind and it felt like I had a boulder in the hatch.

I have noticed that the drip rings on my higher end paddles don’t freeze, or build up a lot of ice. I have a $50 “war club” paddle that will form an ice ring pretty quickly.