Harmony Fiberglass Adventure Paddle

I just bought my first kayak (a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 120) and I’m looking for a paddle. I’d like to order one from outdoorplay.com as I have a gift certificate and discount there. The Harmony Fiberglass Adventure seems to have good reviews and is in my price range (~$100). I’m a 5’5" 122lb female. Is this the right move for me? Would another paddle be much better?

I’ll be paddling mostly slow moving streams and rivers, lakes, ponds, and marshes. I use the kayak primarily as a way to get closer to wildlife (I’m a nature photographer) so I usually have a good amount of gear with me and I’m pretty focused on staying as dry as possible and not tipping.


Aluminum Shaft
There’s no way I’d pay $100 for an aluminum shaft paddle. The Adventure is a really basic paddle and a bit on the heavy side. Take a look at the Aquabound carbon paddle at Campmor. It’s a much better deal for only a little more money. Just my 2 cents.

Better Paddle IMHO
Aquabound Manta or Eagle Ray with the ABX blade and the carbon shaft. I little more ($140) than the Harmony, but you may find on one eBay or a sale at EMS/REI for about the same money as the Harmony.

The AB will be a lot lighter indestructable. I use one for exactly for the same paddling activites as you.