Harmony Half Dome deck bag....

Does anyone have experience with these? Even at a deep discount the darn things aren’t cheap. I’d prefer not to waste the money if it’s poorly made.



according to Harmony’s website. No reason given why.

If you’re looking for easy storage, check out the Kokatat Tactic Pack. I bought one for accessibility to stuff like snacks, cell phone, extra sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. Things I want to keep dry and handy.

Here’s a video on how it works: http://hudsonriverpaddler.org/2015/02/26/kokatat-tactic-pack-overview-2/

I’ve got an older but similar Harmony and a Sealline (similar to the current Baja). Much prefer the Sealline for the welded seams, tougher material and more secure deck mount. Though the dinky little mesh pocket blew out long ago – never used it for anything anyway. I’ve got a bunch of Harmony stuff I like, but Sealline makes better dry bags IMHO.

If you need more windage
there isn’t a better product on the market

You really think a 4" deck bag makes that big of a different in wind resistance? Not disputing, just asking. I used one about half the time and have never noticed a difference.

4" is a lot if you ask me
I’ve paddled with similar things on my deck (foam paddle float) and noticed terrible windage. Never again. I would prefer to use a day hatch or whiskey hatch or even my cockpit for storage. I can’t think of anything that you’d absolutely need on your foredeck.

depends on the outing
for leisurely day trips I keep water bottle, camera, snacks, hand cleaner, binoculars, tow rope, navigation lights, in the deck bag. If I’m on a trip where I am going to be concentrating on covering some distance, or expect to be in wind or rough conditions, I’ll stash the stuff below deck or in PFD pockets and forgo the deck bag. My boats have pretty low decks anyway (low volume Greenland style) so maybe a deck bag is not as big of an encumbrance as it is for others.

Thank you…
I’ll look into the Sealine. The Harmony is offered at a discount from ACK, probably because it is discontinued.

They offer a good price on other discontinued items as well if you’re interested.

It never ceases to interest me that so many posters think that everyone paddles the same waters. Hmm. Curiosity seems to be a rare commodity.


I’m also paddling a greenland form
I paddle a greenland T and it is pretty low volume, but that’s probably why I notice the windage so easily, because I’m used to having almost none most of the time.

Expedition Paddlers
I have seen several pics of these paddlers with all kinds of dry bags on the decks of their boats

I wonder how they manage in the wind, when a 4" bag is noticeable to some.

Take one basic sea kayaking course and they will tell you that your deck furniture has to go, to put it away some place belowdecks.

So maybe you’ve seen photos but I don’t know the context, I know I used to put a bunch of shit on my foredeck because I thought it looked cool, then I took a basic class. It’s not just for windage but also for rescues.