Harmony hard work deck?

I was at Dick’s yesterday (I know, I know) and browsing through some of the paddling gear, they had a hard kayak angler deck for about $30. I think it was made by Harmony, but I can’t find anything about it online. Anyone have any experience with it?

Found a picture of the slide under the
coming lip type:


I made one very similar to the one pictured but mine is made out of plywood with an epoxy coating. It works great and cost next to nothing.

Have heard that it’s great
The person who told me is someone who knows fishing and kayaks both very well.

But all I can do is pass along his comment as I have no personal experience with it.

Can you risk $30 on fishing stuff? If so, go ahead. If not, forget about it.

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or Mickey Mouse, mine is made of recycled plywood but has lasted 4 seasons; though it’s quite ugly, it has helped land a number of stripers, mackerel, shad and blues…smelt too. The Harmony version looks nice and lighter than mine, I’d buy one but how sturdy is the rod holder? I use a steel Driftmaster, no moving parts, an old Penn 309 and an 8’ rod …mostly troll live eels.

Didn’t have one.
It has a place to mount your choice of rod holders, but didn’t come with one, as I saw. Could be wrong, but I didn’t notice one.

Ugly may be better for tha 309. It and
the rod its mounted on are heavy, the Harmony work deck looks nice, but I’d be concerned about mounting a Drift Master on it, or, for that matter, any rod holder for a rod/reel as heavy as a 209 or 309. You definitely would have to reinforce the back of the work deck at least at the site you mount the rod holder. I use two 209’s, an Abu 6500, and a Shimano TR 2000 mounted on Big Water Ugly Sticks. I might mount the 6500 on the Harmony deck, but not the others.