Harmony Lasso Security Cable

My wife and I will be doing some traveling with our kayaks and I was concerned about leaving them on top of the Outback.

I used the Harmony Lasso Security Cable for the first time last night and they’re on the kayaks right now at my work. These are super easy to use and seem to be a great item. The cable is very thick and coated, but still very flexible. The lock is very easy to use. I have the cables around each end of the kayak and them around the cartop rack. Sure someone could get the yaks, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Decent enough
Good cable weight and coating, though over time the lock on mine seized up and combination wouldn’t work (they spin - but it won’t open on the number), At first I thought I just needed to reset the combination, but it wasn’t that, and not long after the key wouldn’t work either. Internal corrosion.

I still may be able to salvage it with some penetrating oil, but doesn’t look good. Lock was not exposed to saltwater, but it is in eh air and is hot humid here - so factor that in.

Same sort of cable loop setup with a separate lock is more fool proof (I have an old rubber clad master padlock that’s seem much worse and is smooth as new). One’s I currently have a pretty small cable though.

Next ones will likely be even heavier standard cables (with small end loops already on) and I’ll just run one end through the other to make the big loops (or add some hardware to make them permanent).

Overall I doubt it matters much - as these are 90% a visual deterrent to lazy snatch and grab efforts, and 10% to slow anyone else down a little. Anyone really intent on getting past any of these could pretty quickly easily.

I have used a Lasso Kong
at Newark Airport when I had to leave for two weeks.

Dont know if anyone ever tried approaching it.


Its very heavy.

Others agree with you. Put urs on Revie

I like mine
But if you want to try something a little different, a good hardware store can make you a custom cable-based lock for not much $$. Takes only a few minutes.

self built
I made my own cable lock. I think at my hardware store the clear plastic covered cable was $0.20 per foot. Mine is about 10 ft long with a loop on each end and you can buy the aluminum binders to secure the loop for less than $1 per. I used two on each loop. Just feed the cable through the binder and smack it with a hammer a couple of times and you’ve got a secure loop. A big fat masterlock and the whole contraption cost me about $10.

I loop it all around my boat, through it’s cleet and around my locked bars. I agree it’s more of a deterent and anyone with any amount of time could cut/saw through any cable, but I have a piece-of-mind when I use it. I’ve also used it on shuttle runs to lock the boat to a tree.

Such cables are a great deterrent to
impulse theft, but are not that hard to cut for the determined thief.

My system is to make the boat ugly and distinctive, such as by some swathes of spray paint.

LOL I will review when and if
I catch a thief redhanded in the middle of his/her efforts!