Harmony Mondobond

Need waterproof adhesive to glue mini cell foam on a poly

whitewater sit on top . Trying to find Mondobond, HarmonyGear says it’s been discontinued. I’ve read about some using regular contact glue(Weldwood) , but it’s just water resistant. The other I could find was H2o, but it’s crazy expensive at $22/4oz. vs Mondobond $23/ 8oz. Does anyone know about the Mondobond , or have a good alternative .

Just use DAP Weldwood
Use the “flammable” variety in the red and black can. You can buy a 32 ounce can of it at Walmart for much less than you would have for a much smaller quantity of Mondo Bond.

DAP Weldwood contact cement is what about 90% or more of whitewater open boaters use to glue in minicell pads and pedestals and the bond is subjected to water continuously.

I have used Mondo Bond in the past. It has absolutely no advantages over Weldwood for bonding minicell. It costs much more, and containing MEK it gives off noxious fumes in use.