Harmony PFD's

Purchased my first kayak in September and have been using an old second-hand water skiing vest. Thinking of buying a Harmony Wave PFD for recreational kayak use in Central Florida and wondered what you all thought. Thanks for the input.

So you’ve tried on several others which
would allow free arm movement, would not ride up in the boat or in the water, would not be too hot in your warm climate, etc.? At least, in a rec boat,you don’t have to worry about the PFD running into the chin and the sprayskirt during setup for a roll.

My only problem with Harmony is that they seem to be a shrinking company. This makes me wonder whether the Wave PFD would be as up-to-date in design as the newest ones from Lola, Extrasport, etc. One of the companies was offering a PFD which had no foam in the back, just ventilation.

wave PFD
I used a Wave PFD about 3-5 years ago when I was paddling SOTs. Its fine for that, but extends down too far towards the waist to be comfortable when used with a spray skirt.

So, if you’ll be using it without a skirt — its fine. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

life jacket
When I lived in fla (everglades city) i found that the a stearns inflatable was the ideal jacket for 1/2 of the year. It the type of jacket that you always wear because it is not to hot. I have friends in Ireland who wear inflatables year round in the ocean over their and the water is alot more severe then you will find around where you are now.