Harmony Sea Passage Paddle?

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we're beginner paddlers that just got a couple of used yaks, a chatham 16 and a valley avocet. want to get into longer touring and coastal paddling (we're in NC) and need something up to the task.

I'm looking to upgrade from our aluminum paddles without breaking the bank. There's a few of these Harmony Sea Passage Featherlok paddles floating around online for $70 new.

Apparently it's 33oz, a glass shaft with "carbon reinforced injection-molded plastic" blades, whatever that means (probably a tiny fraction of carbon so they could use the word).

The length of the paddle is adjustable as well as the feather, which is interesting and I'm wondering how/if this works.

anyone own these? feedback on Harmony paddles in general? total crap or a steal at this price?


It a small step up
It looks like a good $70 paddle, as opposed to a bad $70 paddle.

But it’s still a $70 dollar paddle, which means that it is not made from the good stuff.


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makes some very sturdy paddles. They aren't much of an upgrade from what you're using now but at least they are not aluminum shafts.

If you are paddling in rocky areas carbon is not a great choice unless it's designed for whitewater use. The ultra light carbon paddles I have used get dings and chips along the edge of the blades when used for river paddling. I have found the plastic blades hold up better when they come in contact with rocks.

a good step up
I think it’s more than a minor step, especially if you’ll be swapping paddles. The featherlok feature is worth something.

We have a couple of older Harmony
Sea Passage paddles and they’ve held up well and have seen a lot of use. They’re at least 7 years old.

I’ve upgraded, but we keep them as extras. They’re great for rock gardens.

If one paddles in colder weather, they’re better on your hands than aluminum which can feel very cold.

I would skip it
There are a ton of them on Ebay and when that happens there is usually a reason. In general Harmony products tend to be lower quality. Harmony is the K-mart of kayaking equipment. That is not to say that some products are not OK or that there are not people out there who were lucky. But you may be wasting your money. You would be better off getting a used paddle in a better brand (like Werner).