Harmony Typhoon Paddle (con'td)

So far what’s been offered (thread now archived)seems to be pure speculation vs actual info on/experience with this paddle, but what else is new here, right? Guess I’ll join in belatedly.

My (being really spoiled by Werner/EPIC/Superior and custom carved GPs/APs) knee jerk reaction is Harmony paddles are all junk, but some are designed by same folks who do the better brands so some decent ones likely get through to market. But again, speculation as i haven’t touched a Harmony in maybe 8 years and that was a poor example.

As for the change to SS ferrule (if true, and really same model - I think Dr_Disco was referring to the “Fairwind” [also on eBay] which is different and was originally $100 less MSRP), it’s unlikely that breakage (assuming that’s even an issue) is not going to be in the ferrule, but in the wood where it interfaces with ferrule. Changing the ferrule material wouldn’t help that. I think the change (again, if that even happened vs just discontinuing) would have more to do with cost of the parts.

Same for the Typhoon paddle being discontinued as this originally was a higher priced model in their line (sort of an oxymoron to begin with for Harmony brand - who would pay over $200 for a Harmony paddle?!) and is a lot more labor and material intensive than their molded blade w alum or composite shaft stuff (seems to be all they make now - that being enough evidence for me). I can’t see them keeping anything that used carbon fiber in their line (They Typhoon has composite ferrule and carbon blade faces), let alone anything laminated/carved - and it seems they haven’t. Side note: Their latest molded blade stuff seem much improved (from heavy junk to pretty decent entry level paddles) and certainly serve a large market segment.

All that doesn’t really tell us anything about this paddle though, so I’ll let you know. I ordered a 220 and it should be here Monday. If it sucks I’ll say so, as according to many here I’m some sort of elitist/gear snob!* L Wonder if swinging a $60 Harmony paddle from eBay will change that? Using self carved ones sure hasn’t…

Material/construction quality should be pretty obvious. Curious to see how beneficial/functional vs cosmetic the carbon blade faces are. On water eval I’ll have to give some time though as it’s been a long time since I’ve used a euro. Hard to justify $ for one when I an make GP/AP/HP (my hybrids being closest to EP in technique).

Looking forward to your report
My general experience with Harmony products is that they are cheap in every sense. They are the Walmart of paddling products. But if they can produce a decent EP at a competitive price, more power to them. I won’t likely consider them since I have made-in-Scotland Lendals and Superior GPs but I am all for increasing the quality available and the options available.

Soemhow I doubt…
That you’ll love the Harmony so much that your own hand carved paddles will start collecting much dust. Your paddles are known to be very nice indeed! Keep up the good work.

Cheers…Joe O’

Well, I certainly don’t expect…
… it to replace anything, certainly not my own paddles (thanks for the compliment too Joe). In that regard a top of the line ONNO, EPIC, Werner, or AT would not likely win out against them either. Great paddles all, but whenever I try one I’m still ready to swap back after a few hundred yards.

Point of this exercise is not to devolve back to the EPs I started with. It’s simply that I own no EPs, I want to have one to play around with, and price is right. Curiosity took me the rest of the way, as I have never seen a Harmony paddle in person that wasn’t heavy plastic. Pine/fir/cedar with composite ferrule and CF blade faces? Really? What were they thinking? No surprise they didn’t sell out (who buys more expensive Harmony paddles?), but it does seem like at some point a while back they tried to do something a couple notches up.

So - did you get the Typhoon?

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Last post on this topic was in November, 2009 - it's now late May, and curious minds want to know: Did you get the Harmony Typhoon? What did you think of it?

I'm considering the purchase of one of these from eBay as a backup to my AT Fishstix - price/weight/materials look right, so, what say those who have paddled with it?


Harmony Typhoon
I bought a 240 cm Harmony Typhoon off ebay recently. This paddle is fantastic: lightweight, smooth stroke, and looks nice.

I was going to buy another one off ebay but haven’t seen any lately.