Harrimon Fjord Prince William Sound

A few weeks ago I spent seven days kayaking in Prince William Sound outside of Whittier. I spent three days in Harrimon Fjord. This fjord has been shut down to commercial travel due to a USGS study showing a mountainside is moving, with a large chance of it sliding into the bay in the next 20 years causing a 150’ tidal wave. I chose to take my chances and was greeted with six hanging glaciers and not a single soul in site.

![IMG_2185 (002)|690x236](upload://hMlanpyN6YpaOblNgQaYRloqNMG.jpeg)


An all time fav! Haven’t been there in years. Lucky to have it to yourself.

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Looks like a great trip!

Oh. Look at you guys. You know you must be crazy. Glad you shared it because It’s the only way I can share the experience.

Beautiful scenery.

The ice and snow remind me that we haven’t seen @Chuck_von_Yamashita and Paris for quite a while.

Bear near Whittier Alaska - YouTube We’re still around. Been busy with new house

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Some of my pics didn’t upload so here they are.

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