Harumph and snort

I was planning to try out my new fly rod tomorrow morning, even if I had to wade to do it. Yesterday evening I came down, VERY suddenly, with a wicked cold. Spent most of today sleeping. I hope none of you catch it reading my note.

Grrrrr. Harumph. And a double snort!

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last night , out of the clear blue …

– Last Updated: Mar-13-09 6:30 PM EST –

...... I got knocked of my feet (literally) .

Walked upstairs to get something , then WAMMM ... out of nowhere I felt deadly sick . In a matter seconds I went all stingy and sweaty , massive need to get to the bathroom fast , my head went spinning and I hit the floor .

Luckily my lady was right there coming out of the bathroom and saw me go down . I reached up to her and she pulled as I stood again . She asked what was the matter , I said I think I'm sick and stumbled into the bath seeking tub and toilet .

Made it just in time thank the Lord , lol ... might sound strange but my first concern was keeping the coming mess in the toilet and tub instead of all over me and cloths . The next 20 minutes were straight from hell , violent throwing up and the runs that wouldn't quit , almost non-stop !!

Wasn't sure I could stay conscious long enough to get through it all , wondered if this was going to be a wham bam instant death !!

After I was empty , the last 5 mins. were dryheaves .
My head started to clear , got up from my knees , set back on the pot and waited with my head between my legs sweating and skin buring like fire , spitting and making sure this bussinees was finished .

Then it all just passed and I went about cleaning up my mess .

Still a little light headed so I went down the stairs on my butt just in case ... Set on the couch and exclaimed , that was interesting !!

She ask how I feel now and what happened , I said I was poisoned by something , only slightly lightheaded now ... she says I ate the same dinner you did , but I didn't let mine set on the counter covered up for two hours like you did .

This all took place within 10 mins after I ate !!
In one way that's good , because not much was able to get into my system ??

I said I'm not eating anymore of that sourkrout and pork !! Told her I didn't like the way the sourkrout tasted to begin with ... she said it was a new reciep she tried ... I said that's nice .

Came on like a bolt of lightening and left only minor residual after effects ... one would expect lingering consequences , but none as of this eve. , so I reckon that's it ??

We've all been sick before , but this was different ... very violent and fast , then just gone !!

Food poisoning ??

ps., ... Big D , hope you get to break in the new rod soon !!

Sounds like some kind of poisoning
Or possibly allergy reaction. I know someone with a similar reaction to sour cream. And bananas.

Mine’s a cold. The hardest and fastest hitting cold I’ve ever had, but a cold nonetheless. My wife had it, and I caught it from her. I’m cycling through much faster than she did, which is normal for us. She doesn’t get sick often, but when she does it’s a doozy. She was in bed for two and a half days straight. Fever broke the third night and that was the end of it. I’ve been on my easy chair or bed most of today. I’m about to head to bed now, only 8:30P. Take some Nyquil and conk out. If I wake up before morning, I’ll take more Nyquil. Wonderful stuff. Hoping my fever will break tonight. I’ve got the heat turned up, I’m wearing clothes suitable for a hike in 40deg weather, and wearing a watch cap in the house just to avoid shivering too much. Annoying.

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Big_D , hope you feel better in the …
… morning when you wake again .

With the fever and mega slam it hit you with , sounds more like the flu than a cold !!

I do the same thing when I get the fever , wrap up like I’m going into the artic or something … makes me more comfortable to be cooking and sweating than freezing from the fever .

yeah , pretty sure I got some type of poisoning , the symtoms were like an anaphylatic shock , whole body breakdown all at once .

Feeling much better
The fever did break, but I’ve got the worst headache I’ve ever had not associated with a hangover or migraine. Hoping that will pass soon. I hate headaches. Still, much better than yesterday.

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