Has any board regulars won a p.net prize

I was just wondering who is winning all of these prizes the site gives away.

Certainly isn’t me!!!

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I'd consider trading my wife for some of the canoes that have been awarded.

…but if I did I wouldn’t keep the prize if it was the kayak/canoe. I am pretty particular about the boats i keep, so it would end up back on the Pnet classifieds anyway. (for a real low price)

I keep waiting for them to offer an Impex, Valley, or NDK boat for sea kayaks or a huki, Futura, etc for surfskis as I would then keep it, but just don’t think it will happen.

Thats ok…I would rather win this weekend’s $100 million PowerBall anyway!


Not Yet…
But I have already mathematically determined that I will win the QCC kayak in this giveway… so you don’t even have to bother entering.

Well I figured I have this one won
Why you ask? I just bought a QCC and it would be my luck to win after I spent my money.

JT in Central FL

I won a tee shirt!
And still where it to get togethers!


Winner postings?
I’m Just wondering if the winners are posted anywhere on this site?

I won a $20 gift certificate.
Still waiting to win a kayak though

when registering
when you register for the sweepstakes a page will come up with a list of past prize winners.

still trying

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to figure out who the other person is who tries for the canoe, and gets it.

Never even noticed the win prize
button. Or if I did I figured my chances of winning are pretty low. But hey, I bought 3 lotto tickets today and I finally clicked on the prize link. Yep registered for the CANOE!!! Maybe I’ll hit the lotto though since I also visited the P-Net store and started loading up a shopping cart. Canoe key chain and Camp Run Amuck sign. If I hit the lotto I’ll actually buy them, plus get a Wenonah Spirit II and another Penobscot 16.


Don’t need to
According to recent e-mails, I’ve won the Irish, British and Scottish (twice) sweepstakes, totalling about 6 million euros.

Yes, you have won…

According to recent e-mails, I’ve won the Irish, British and Scottish (twice) sweepstakes, totalling about 6 million euros.

And to collect your prize, please submit the $695 processing fee to me via western union moneygram

And I try to absolutely register every day…and have been for 4 or 5 years now!

I’ve always wondered; if you win a nice little royalex tandem boat but you’ve always really wanted that manufacturers more expensive freestyle, cruiser, solo whatever, do you think they’d work with you and let you pay the difference ? It seems that every canoe given is a nice multi-tasker, much like my Explorer. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but…I’ve just wondered.

Moot question I imagine.



If your talking
about the kayaks the drawing is not till june 29th .

If you do…
Win a new Qcc, you can give the old one to me!


I can see the future
a white over white with Norwegian blue keel strip QCC 700 delivered to east TN!

its not that I need a kayak but having never won anything I would def. be pleased.

Been here sence 2001
and don’t see my luck changing anytime soon :>/

“Ed56” who used to be a regular here on the boards won a Bell Merlin II a few years ago as I recall.

June 29th
being my 40th birthday, it seems only fair that I should win.