Has anybody else tried out LighterPack?

Keeping myself occupied through this pandemic, I tripped upon this article https://backpackers.com/how-to-calculate-backpack-weight-with-lighterpack
Found myself curiously enthused & began what has become 3 days of off & on gear logging & sorting on https://lighterpack.com/

Now I WILL concede, that this site is more specifically after the benefits of effectively packing a light, hiking backpack.
But it has been interesting to see the weight breakdown of all of the items I carry in various categories. & also to consider the potential changes I can make to lighten my gear or the choices I make between necessary & luxury.

Cool link, and right down the alley of what I’ve been thinking about also. I’ve gone from a higher volume fiberglass boat, to a Chesapeake 17’ and next I want to build a skin on frame. Clearly moving to more compact and lighter gear is getting more important. Just bought a food dehydrator even! I will check out the site and see where I can make traveling by kayak a bit more convenient

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