has anybody fished the green

I am going to the green river in kentucky for a 5 day canoe trip. has any body fished there and what bait/lures should I fish with. Please “dummy” up your answers for me as I am not an avid fisherman just a uy with a pole. Any spots that you want to let me in on in the area?

jigs and curly tail grubs
I have never fished the Green River, but it is hard to beat 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz jigs with curly tailed grubs in several different colors on most any river. Fish below any rapids/river obstructions. Use the 1/4 oz jigs in the faster water and the 1/8 oz jigs everywhere else. I would suggest taking white, black, and chartreuse colored grubs. Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.


pretty river
I have driven over the river before but never paddled it. Are there any rapids on it. I would assume class one and 2 here and there but does it get tougher? Also bring some jerkbaits and popers for low light conditions. Bring a camera cause what I have seen is very pretty. Put a trip report on the site. I would be interested in reading about the trip.