Has anybody kayaked in the BVI?

We’re heading down Friday for a week in the British Virgin Islands, staying on Gorda. I’ve been there several times in the way past, before I got into sea kayaking – this time we hope to do some coastal paddling. Decided not to haul our folders for such a short trip (half of which is already committed to scuba) but heard we can rent kayaks (presumably SOT’s) on the North Sound or take a day trip to Anegada and rent them there to explore the reefs and snorkel shallow wrecks.

Have any of you folks kayaked around Gorda and/or Anegada? If so, any suggestions for outfitters and locales?

I did a 10 day paddling trip down there. Worked with a group called Big Blue Planet.

take your own suitcase paddle
rental paddles are junk. You need a hat that will not blow off and hydration pack for handsfree drinking. Also do a 360 every 1/4 mile after leaving shore to make sure you recognize where you launched. I rented from a junky shack with pepsi sign. 3 hours later i could not find WHICH JUNKY SHACK WITH PEPSI SIGN. take 2 of every thing you must have. How about throwing away 2 dollar t-shirts or tank tops after you use them. Laundry is toughest part. How about plastic shoes or plastic sandals. Coat hangers or clothes line is good.

laundry not a problem
Thanks for the VI paddling tips – may try to haul the paddles with us (have already packed the sunhats and hydropacks). Laundry is no problem as we are renting a fully equipped house (housekeeper does the laundry) and just doing day paddles. This is more of a “scouting” trip. Some time in the future we’ll bring our own folding kayaks and gear and do some island-to-island multi-day tours or kayak from a bare boat.

Multiple shacks with Pepsi signs! Funny and all too true…