has anybody used a kayak kickstand??

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how are they?? I think I might need one of those

I value my coaming and paddles too much!
Just one opinion, but I think using a paddle as a prop on a solid object is asking for trouble. Doing so with it affixed to the coaming is begging for it.

If someone’s balance is good enough to not be putting weight on the blades, they don’t need this. If they need this, they will end up leaning too hard on the blades. This device encourages it, and has no give so the paddle takes it all.

Looks like they’ve developed a way to sell more paddles to me. They should make it a trifecta and come out with a coaming repair/replacement kit next.

I do something similar getting in, so I’m hardly unfamiliar with this ancient idea of using the paddle for stability on entry/exit - but I use deck lines and sliders to hold the paddle. An arrangement that has been tested over centuries of hard use, is easier on the paddle, and is much easier to repair than a coaming. I also do this with the paddle floating as an outrigger, away from shore, not a kickstand on the ground.

The Kayak Kickstand looks like it could be a real knuckle buster, and interferes with using a skirt. Then there are those square metal “L” brackets on the underside - even though vinyl coated they could cause problems during entry/exit and particularly wet exit.

I will say their video makes the Kayak Kickstand look pretty useful, and their target market of balance challenged, non-skirt using, big cockpit/plastic coaming rec boat users is VAST.

Darn! Guess this blows any chances at a BB rep job!

How can you not break the paddle?

well, no, but…
…I have a neat kayak bell, streamers and wicker basket you might like…

What the…
heck is a kayak kickstand?

Wait, I thought this thing was just a
paddle holder, is that what it is??


Interesting… can’t use with a skirt… pretty sure it would break an ultralight paddle blade…

If it increases your enjoyment of your boat, go for it… it’s only $50

You will want to ween yourself off
the kickstand before you become a paddling instructor. It would be very bad for your image I would think.

Paul S.


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is rumored to be in the midst of a top secret project to put kayak kickstands on all future Pamlicos. The issue has been raised in PNet and must be considered seriously. The issue is whether a plastic or composite version makes more sense in the market. May be plastic for the mass market and the composite protos for flatwater instructors (to be).

Confluence can't afford to lose any more sales to Necky. Can't cede this emerging area of design and sales without a fight.


P140, gotta admit you got just about everyone guessing by now... kid or troll? :)

role playing

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laughing at the crowd.....not a new form of entertainment........harmless, because it's not a form of looking for a fight......gets quite entertaining at times as to the lengths pammy goes to.....

post on pammy...it's winter here...always need a little humour.....it's entertaining to others too

I enjoyed the HAAAA movie....it spoke to me

there are kayak istructors out there who insist this is the way to enter a kayak and Instructor Trainers who insist that instructor candidates can do and teach this (IMO) very lame-o technique.

steve (who has seen numerous paddle failures due to the KS)

Dude, you are giving away our TOP SECRET design idea!!!

now how are we going to be able to make a killing on the product idea when every Tom-Dick-Harry-Troll knows???