Has anyone added a stadium seat to a Lifetime Stealth 110?

Just bought a Lifetime Stealth 110 and would like to add a stadium seat. I have seen many added to Lifetime Tamaracks but have not seen any examples on the Stealth. The cockpits look a bit different so I do not want to assume the same results people have had with the Tamarack.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to using the site.

I don’t see why not. You might sit higher thus be less stable. :canoe:

Hi Bud,
I know it can be done I am just looking to see if anyone has done it with this model and what seat did they use. I might just by one that looks to fit by measurments and can return if needed. I do not want to sit too high up, only looking to go 3"-4" max.

I bought one to try in my canoe and it had some clamps and stuff on the bottom I had to cut off with a 4" grinder. it worked ok on my bench seat but put me up about 4" and I didn’t care for that.

Try and find one with a plain bottom if you can to try. :canoe: