Has anyone heard of Pakayak

I am not seeking advice, but handing it out. I purchased a 14 Bluefin Pakayak last year and have never been happier! It’s an amazing piece of engineering that allows it to come apart and nest together so that at 3.5’ it will fit into the back of my Mini Cooper! It takes about 10 minutes to put together and take apart. Highly recommend it!

Just this year. A paddler with one joined out group and has been working hard on skills. I’ve watched him do self rescues (paddle float) in L3 conditions on Lake Michigan. I missed the last surf session but I understand that he had a fine time in 2’ - 4’ surf.


My wife just purchased one for me! I can’t wait to get out on the water

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I have one and I LOVE it! I put over t00 miles on it last year. It is real quick to put together and take apart, extremely sturdy and keeps up with my buddies 17’ expedition!!
Your wife did you a serious solid!

That’s a really innovative design. I did notice that the cockpit rim dips down adjacent to the paddlers hips. Watching the assembly video, it appears that they did this to allow clearance for the unassembled pieces to nest together. Have any users had any issues with water splashing into the cockpit and/or fitting a spray skirt?

Assembly video

No trouble at all with a skirt, but I have had water in the cockpit in 2-3’ seas without a skirt.

I love mine!

A boat with Greenland kayak design features would have that low cockpit sides continue around the back of the cockpit with a low flat rear deck.

I’m keeping my eye out for one. I travel a decent amount for work and the security of keeping it the car, plus the quick assembly/disassembly are attractive to me.

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