has anyone successfully rolled a Pungo

I was wondering if anyone here has successfully rolled a pungo kayak was it a major pain in the arse is it feasible to do so?

thought id mention
I have a Pungo 140 and it has a rear bulkhead but not in the front. It does carve turns and I can capsize it easily with a brace to be upsidedown in the water however I havent tried it with a sprayskirt and I was hoping if I added hip brace pads as well as a wedged kayak float in the bow that it would help it displace water or at least prevent it from takeing on as much water. Also I do fit fairly snug in it and I am hoping thats a plus, please anyone who has or know someone who has successfully rolled a pungo or something that has as wide of a cockpit let me know and post some tips Im a little concerned.

John Ozard??
Maybe John Ozard has rolled a Pungo?

I saw one of
our members do it, more than once - without a skirt - but he was doing it just for fun…and to show some of us that it could be done.


No, But…

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The guy I used to do lake practice with rolled his old Manteo not much after he got his roll down. The Manteo was one of the WS precursers to the current crop of rec/touring class of boats like the Pungo, Tsunami.

There are easier boats to roll but if, like him, you are big enough to fit and have good contact with the boat, then it's doable.


Rolled a Pamlico 160T…
Just to see if we could do it & with nothing other than “let’s just go with a normal set-up, sweep & hip snap.” No spray skirt, so we came up with a boat completely full of water - laughed so hard that we continued right on over!

with and without a skirt. slooooow motion.

same as it ever was. rollin’ is rollin’


Haven’t tried but
I’m gonna do it at WCSKS just so I can answer yes next time. Probably have to be without a skirt.

I want to try hand rolling a Tempest 165, too. Cindy wouldn’t let me in one at the last demo day. She said I’d sink it :(.


Of course! What’s the problem?

couple problems…
Jesse posted this in response to a couple of emails that we traded as I had offered to work with him on his roll through my rolling clinics. I told him that the Pungo might be a frustrating boat to learn to roll in due to the gigantic cockpit. That tends to limits your ability to get a good grip on the boat with your thighs and probably more frustratingly, whatever nylon sprayskirt he has will most likely implode every time he even attempts to roll.

Can someone learn to roll in a Pungo? Absolutely, but it’s a pretty tough way to start. I’ve taught people to roll in rec boats before and I’m a pretty patient guy, but I really don’t enjoy the experience if the person keeps falling out of their boat or if the skirt doesn’t stay on and we spend most of the time emptying it.

Ah, different question then.
If the question were, “Would you be willing to learn to roll in a Pungo,” my answer would be no.

Could I roll a pungo after having a solid roll? Probably.

To me a Pungo isn’t intended to be in conditions where one might need to roll anyway. If I wanted to learn to roll just for the sake of it, and all I had was a Pungo, I’d probably buy a used WW boat for a couple hundred to learn in.


I dig the funken posts at this yak board
your probably right alex you would for sure no more than me, I was just curious if there was a pungo owner that could flip me a tip. In reality I wish I would have known before I bought the pungo 140 cause it probably would have influenced my decision. Oh well you live and learn. I do love the storage on my boat for camping and stowing gear and I think its a good first hardshell boat for a newbie like me and I like the way it carves turns and tracks. When I get some more years of experience under my belt and go after a way less wide boat this will be the first place I go so you folks can pour it on me what you suggest I get. But while Im still a crash test dummy in my first hardshell boat if I have to fill the fucker chuck full with float bags and foam hip wedges that make me look ridiculous thats what Ill do. but I love this place cause its nice to talk to peeps who’ve “been there,done that,”

Really - get a used WW to learn
They are quite cheap - sounds like you’d need a good-sized old style creeker but they are out there. And they would be a lot better idea for learning to roll than a Pungo. I’ve seen a lot of people in easier boats give up on learning to roll because they were someone to whom it didn’t come easily. Trying it in a Pungo could be more overhead than you’ll enjoy.

also alex
I took your advice and I am meeting with Jeff today to learn or try to learn to roll if I cant do it in mine he said I could just try in his. I bought some goggles so I can see what Im doing underwater. And this guys videos of rolling with and without a paddle are badass obviously he and you are the real macoys when it comes to rollin. I am fricken excited and follow directions well to where I will hope to learn to roll a kayak. If not its a good day for just a swim and a great workout getting water out of a swamped kayak.hehe I appreciate the help dude>

ya Im down like a clown charlie brown
Ya 530 I will be there Jeff message me if should remember to bring anything

other rescue methods

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If you are asking about rolling the Pungo for solo recovery after capsize, I suggest becoming competent in other more practical aspects of solo recovery and practice them - the paddle float, a stir-up strap, climbing on the stern. Even if you could learn to roll the boat, the effort involved might be too tiresome to be practical, in an emergency situation.

With this boat, you will probably be out in waters and conditions where these suggested recoveries would be practical. best wishes.

the scramble
ya I am pretty efficient at the scramble recovery even in 15 to 20mph winds but I want to learn the roll even if not in my kayak its a way cool aspect of the kayak sport, I mean its almost like an artform

whats a WW?

Yeah, I agree with that…
It would NOT be a good boat to learn rolling! Once adept at rolling one can roll almost anything they can keep from falling out of.

Whitewater boat