Has anyone tried DuoFold thermals?

I just both a DuoFold shirt today at military clothing sales (BX/PX). Wore it to work tonight and love it. Will be going back tomorrow to get a few pair of the pants and shirts as they are on clearance for $6.82. Don’t know how they will do if I get them wet but they feel like they will work better than regular thermals.

Here is a link;


They were my first…
My first synthetic undies purchased specifically for kayaking. They are cheap, efficient and not cotton. I wear them under my drysuit on warmer days where my full one piece thermal fleece would be too hot. With these poly undies, if you sweat, it is no sweat. Well worth the $$ you are paying… Just not the latest snobby logo…

work well
I think they work well. I either wear them or my Patagonia layers. Both keep me warm and dry. Not a huge difference, except price.

Excellent quality
I have a DuoFold turtleneck that I purchased at least 20 years ago, for xc skiing, and am still wearing it. It now serves for skiing and kayaking. It truly is long wearing and very comfortable. It was pricey when I bought it but it’s held up beyond my expectations.

My latest investment in long underwear for layering are 100% polyester, turtleneck and bottoms with a brand name of “Hot Chilly’s”. A bit lighter weight than the older DuoFold, but also very comfortable and silky feeling. They have been washed at least 4 times and no pilling of the fabric has occured.

Hope yours keep you toasty, too.

Duofold makes many thermals–which one?
I’ve worn many of their Thermax and Thermastat garments. I like the fit a lot, as they have not supersized their Small size. Quality is excellent, too. Most of mine have flat-stitched seams, zippers and buttons are good, etc.

Price is very reasonable, esp. on sale from Campmor or Sierra Trading Post.

Layering layering layering
Duofold underwear


Polartec pants/jacket


Carhartt arctic bibs/jacket


Will easily keep you warm and toasty down to 30 below. Footwear is another story.

From someone doing 13 hour days outside in the northeast.

The 100% Merino Wool ones are to DIE for
If you like the regular Duoflod you will ABSOLUTELY L-O-V-E the Marineo Wool ones. :^) :^) :^)



They Rock. i get mine for free… They do have many versions from super thick to thin. They also PILL-Up when you dry them so DO NOT dry them with towels!! unless you want to look like a baddly shaved lamb. I really wish they didnt have the crotch flap, other wise i would wear mine as sweat pants. I just put on a pair of shorts over them when i go jogging, might look like a dork but they work good…

I had a red wool ‘union suit’ made by
them. I wore it for 15 yrs, 3 days a week in the winter in IL and WI. Very well made. I outgrew them amd gave it away. I always hand washed and hung it up to dry. I don’t know if they still make the red wool. It was not itchy.

I now have a two piece set of Duofold poly that I wear often in colder weather. Not as warm as the wool (I have the med wt)but good stuff. I’m on my way to the store to buy a second set today.

I Have Several Brands, And Weights

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Even the thinest ones will make a hooded fleece sweatshirt comfortable in mild conditions. I have several thin ones for cool summer nights in the high Sierras.

They make a great base. You should never wear cotton next to your skin in real cold weather.

They take up much less room than fleece or wool.

I also have a few really heavy duty "expedition weight" ones for playing in the Sierra snow pack in winter.

They still make them

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I wore a set of those for years, strictly as pajamas. The inner layer is cotton, which is why they don't itch. I machine-washed and -dried mine.

Actually, Duofold makes the wool union suits in two different blends. The gray one has higher wool content. They also make synthetics versions.

If you like Doufold, you’ll love
Underarmor. Tried my first shirt today and was totally impressed.

Synthetic zip T
It was a good price and seems to work as well as my other brands.

Using the champion Duofold warm ctrl. It can stretch 360-degree provides ultimate ease of movement.