Has anyone tried this camera?


Just curious as I have already ordered one. (The price seemed very reasonable)

Any info or tips?

Some of the specs say only 1gb capacity for SD memory card - other info suggests 2gb capacity. Anyone know the real story?

To me it looks identical to the Sealife Ecoshot camera except for the color of rubber armor. Any idea if it is the same manufacture with different branding?

The Ecoshot is rated to 75’ depth. The Vivitar is only rated to 10 meters - yet I read a customer review which claimed scuba to 65’ with no leakage. Curious if it is rebranded Ecoshot. Doesn’t really matter as 10 meters is plenty for snorkeling.

Thanx for any info,


Doesn’t it look like this?

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Here are a few words:

For the small amount of extra money,
go for the largest capacity memory chip the camera can handle. I found 1 Gb occasionally restrictive in my Canon, and am much happier with 2 Gb.

It looks like the Sealife but with different color rubber armor…

That is why I am wondering if it is the same camera, only with a name change.

I agree that the highest capacity…
is best.

My confusion is that some of the literature states 1gb, and in another place it states 2gb. Short of delivery and trial, I was hoping an actual user could clarify the TRUE capacity. I already have 2gb SD cards up the ole wazoo, but will go buy 1gb cards if that is all I can use.

Truthfully, the waterproofing is probably way more than you would need.

I don’t have this camera, but do have both a Digital GoPro Hero 3 and a Oregon Scientific ATC-2K (both cameras in similar price ranges and also saving right to chip). One issue these both have is problems in low light conditions. So if you were to get more than 5 or 10 feet underwater, in all except the clearest water, the camera would not function well.

In case anyone is interested, I wrote up reviews of both of these cameras, as compared to the Pentax Optio W20: