Has anyone tried those circular sails for kayaks

There’s a bunch of different ones but they all look more or less Like this one. Do they work OK, or more a waste of space?

I did and it was NOT great. For more context I tried them on my eddyline Merlin. I think a super wide rec or SOT kayak would maybe fare better.

It was not easy to control and I almost capsized because part of it fell into the water and started becoming a sea anchor.

You need a big area of open water with constant wind in one direction (that you want to go). Boat with skeg a big plus. A novelty, can not depend on it at all.

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The parachute design ones were not something I’d want to try again. The one I used briefly had a control line that went around my body interfering with any paddle stroke. I gave up on this style fast.

Get a real kayak sail like the SeaDog Commander 0.8sq.m, Falcon or at least the Pacific Action sails that have masts.

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I have 2 Windpaddle ones in storage somewhere and never use them.

It is nice how they easily attach to a boat without any modification needed. An when retracted, it folds down flat out of the way.

But you do need a strong tailwind. They only go downwind. And a light wind doesn’t work, as the sailing :apparent wind: hits you. If you have a 5 knot wind, and you are traveling 3 knots, the boat only sees a 2 knot wind (so it thinks it is calm). Probably want 10+ knots, but his is also strong enough to make waves.

Hard to control. Even harder if your boat doesn’t have a rudder as you need to use your paddle as a rudder, while also holding lines to control the parachute sail up.

This one worked great. She moved fast, but my arms would get tired.

Pat tries the sail