Has anyone used a pirogue to fish from?

They are popular in Southern Louisiana and seem great for getting back into small waters. Guy on another forum has one and says its a great fishing platform. Just wondering…cheap and easy to make one.

not fished but paddled one…
Keep it on calm waters and sit on the bottom of the hull (or a couple inches above with a pad) and you’ll be rock-solid.

Super easy to build and you don’t need to spend big $$ on materials.

Some builders lose the concept of a pirogue:

-Great for skinny (shallow) water

-Simple to build and outfit. Get you on the water quickly.

-Not expensive

But I say they fill a niche just like evry other boat.

Had one in Georgia thirty years ago.

Was fun to pole with in calm swamps on hot days.

Not a open water boat. Wear shorts and keep your gear cheap or floatable.

Built one about 5 years ago

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and paddled it for about 4.5 years before it rotted out (had to store outside, no garage or walk out basement) BE aware that these things are strickly for sheltered flat water. Rocky rivers (like the Doah) will do a number on them in a short time. I had to switch over to Poly-boats for that reason. Couldn't keep up with the repairs and such that were needed everytime I did a down-river in her. I had to lay it up for at least week to dry and then another week to repair and spot paint the bottom after every float.

They tend to be kinda squirrly and tippy, but are a GREAT platform to learn how to paddle. After mastering one of those things...a Kayak feels like a cabin crusier on the stability scale. They're cheap, easy to build, and such a feeling of accomplism\hment when go floating down the river and someone says "Nice Boat...where did you get that?"

The best part is the answer you get to give them...

Check the internet...lots of plans and kits for sale. Uncle John's Country Store has good one. CHeck out their gallery and see what some people have done with them.
BE advised, "uncle John" lives in LA. and he ain't there right now...but expects to be back soon.

Hell yeah!
I’ve fished from a pirogue more than I’ve fished from a yak. There are several benefits.

A 48 qt. ice chest fits easily.

IF you swamp it, it’s easy to drain (if you can get to the bank).

Like a yak it has a low profile that’s not as affected by the winds as a canoe is.

Low cost.

As others have mentioned there are a few drawbacks too. It is stricly a calm water boat but here in La. that means we have tens of thousands of square miles of water suited to it’s use. I’ve added floation to mine fore and aft but still don’t push it’s limits. They don’t track real well but they go straight enough to get you from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. My 12 footer tracks about as well as our Tarpon 100.

Mine is a 12’, one man pirogue. I put a thin air filled cushion on the floor and paddle it backwards. Behind me I secured a milk crate that I have a backrest fastened to. It’s so simple to chunk it in the truck and take off.

One other advantage… it holds 20 cases of beer and ice for your next big party.

When it comes to simplicity and low cost for shallow water fishing it’s damned hard to beat a pirogue. Go for it!

You might want to consider a wider 13-14’ model especially if you want to pole it. I’ve got good balance but don’t feel comfy standing in my lil 12’ x 28" fiberglass pirogue.

Yak, good to hear from you, glad you
survived Katrina. Thanks for the info. The one I’m thinking about building is Merten’s Cheap Canoe. Its got a 30" beam and is over 13 feet long. Had planned on partially decking fore and aft with added floatation. Plans are simple and its is CHEAP to build. Getting tired of the problems associated with carrying two or more rods in a sit-in kayak when I’m fishing for cats. Some of the waters I want to fish are skinny too.