Has anyone used a range finding scope

while they were out paddling? I am talking about the cheap $150 to $200 ones. How accurate are they? I was thinking of a new pair of binoculars when I saw an area sporting goods place had range finders on sale and thought that it might be fun to use for paddling.

Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks, Jaws

I’ve thought of it because sometimes I’d
like to estimate a distance to a lake outlet or up a river branch that I don’t intend to paddle to. But remember, you can use Google Earth to get river or lake distances before or after trips.

I’ve got a cataract in my left eye, so I’m looking at monoculars.

I use one for work
on the big boat I operate, but for paddling I’d think it’s use would be limited and it’s just one more “thing” to carry around. Range is about 900 yards and you get pretty good at judging distances within that range by eye. If you’re paddling near wildlife restricted zones etc regularly and need to be accurate with stand-off distances it would be a good tool, but if not…