Has anyone used a tentrax?


They look cool but the question I have is whether they are worth it or not. What function do they serve other then just having you not sleep on the ground? It looks like an extra luxury but would you be willing to pay about 4 grand for one?

I haven’t seen one in person but remember looking at them on the net at least a year ago.

I consider them an answer to a question very few people have asked.

They look terrific, but if you have a Jeep, are you really going to be hauling a trailer on 4x4 trails just to avoid setting up a tent? These trailers have no shower, kitchen, or other RV-type amenity.

We were looking at another small, light trailer with only a bed inside. At first glance, the reaction is, “Oh, how cute!” Then you realize that, in essence, you’d be towing a bed around. A $4K bed.

Not my cup of tea, but…
…it looks like with that trailer you have quite a bit extra cargo capacity, including on top, in front and on the the back. I could also see the advantage of not carrying gas cans and/or “full” porta-pottys in your vehicle if you are the type that needs them.

Check out a TentCot

My wife bought me one after she heard me complain about trying to sleep in a tent with a leaky floor on very uneven ground. I decided to humor her and try it. Boy was I impressed with it. It sets up quicker than most tents and with my LuxuryCamp™ Therm-a-rest matteress it is pure bliss in the wilderness.

Better options…

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A base price of $3,300 sounds like a lot of money for little more than a bed on wheels.

Here's a manufacturer that offers a similar product with a bit more room and their prices are comparable:

For that price or a bit more, you might as well buy a pop-up camper and have the extra luxuries they afford. Check out the prices on Ebay:

Or, take a look at these tear drop trailers:

If you're handy with power tools, you can make your own tear drop trailer. Attach a canoe/yak rack and you have a home away from home at the put-in! The plans are available here:

nice trailers
That was what I was thinking. The tentrax are very expensive and all they have is just a bed. But I think their purpose is for off road only. The teardrop trailers are sooo cool. I like the amenities. However I am not to big of a fan of the older 50’s style. The teardrops have the coolest little kitchen and don’t seem too expensive.

Tentrax Purchased
I purchased a Tentrax in Dec. '03 for traveling around the coastline of North America. I’ve put in excess of 35,000 miles on the trailer, none of which has been off-road. The trailer is well engineered and has been largely free of problems. I ordered many extras, including matching wheels for a Honda Element that added $2500 to the cost. Mine also has windows in the tent, another $985. It has back-up lights, full-sized spare tire mounted on the trailer tongue, and a rack on the back for scooter. Total price in excess of $12,000.

Traveling by myself I found the tent difficult to set up and abandoned that use. For hauling extra cargo it’s great. Fully loaded at 1350# didn’t affect gas mileage. It’s very easy to maneuver and can get into tight spaces. The front corners tend to pit from debris thrown from the Element wheels.

I find the trailer useful and well constructed but pricy. On the Tentrax web site mine can be viewed on the fifth row of the gallery and also the bottom row at the Honda dealership.

Rooftop tent Trailers

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This is my Tent Trailer, it has options for a kitchen and an outside propane shower, as well as a Kayak/ Canoe/Bike rack. take a look if you are interested. The prices are the lowest you will ever see on this type of trailer... www.overlandtrailers.com thanks