Has anyone used Malone Stax?

Anyone have any experience using the Malone Stax carrier? My wife and I are buying two boats, Necky Manitous, and will have to outfit them both. We had originally planned to get one tandem boat, but now we are each getting our own. I had originally bought a used yakima rack with mako saddles and hully rollers for one boat, and now am looking for something for the other one. The Malone stax are only about $50, so the price is right. But i would like to know how they perform.



At the last race we were at…
…the manager of The great Outdoor Provision Co. in Charlotte,who is an avid paddler was carrying his new yak on them, and I couldn’t help but notice how rugged they looked.

I asked him about them, and he said they were the best on the market.

His store sells Yakima products, so take it from there.



were they the big plastic “L” things?
the stax looks very rugged, but they are essentially a big plastic “L” shaped thing. Kayak goes up on side and strapped to the stax. I want to try it, but not am not sure how the kayak fits next to this straight piece of plastic.


More on Stax
Have used them as a cheap alternative to carrying our third boat sandwiched on each side by AutoLoaders.

The Stax bend slightly as they are cinched down to the boat thus providing great holding power for few bucks.

It seems like all their products are performing well as we are seeing more and more of them here in the Northeast.