Has anyone used Yakima Lowriders

On a Subaru Crosstrek w siderails? I am concerned since the max spread on the racks is 34", that’s not much for an 18’ kayak. I’ll definitely use bow and stern lines.

Has anyone ever seen something like Thule’s short roof adaptor for a Yakima system?



I have only a 32" spread for our 17’
tandem canoe on our '08 Accord. If your factory rails are really solid, I suppose you could make and extension bed for your kayak.

Other solutions…
I have a 33" spread on my '09 Impreza. With bow and stern lines and Yakima cradles that has been fine for my touring kayaks. For my longer racing kayaks I use a GoodBoy Vee rack (http://goodboykayaks.com/) that mounts to the Yakima bars and gives a rock-stable 8 foot spread: http://www.gregstamer.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/GoodBoy_Impreza.jpg.

The Vee rack also works fine for my narrow sea kayaks (all are under 21" wide), however you do have to lift them higher to load as compared to Yakima cradles.

Greg Stamer

Nice, that’s similar to what I cobbled
together out of 2x4s, with fire hose cradles, for my 27’ single scull back in '65.