Has Topher lost his marbles?

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Hid one in Alaska

I’m hiding one of his
in NJ…

As Well
in NH

The man…
The man has lost his marbles!

But his beauty’s on a roll,

for of all gifts in artistry,

this gifted’s gift extolls,

what’s freely hidden cross the earth,

is ours to find delight,

if only when it’s in our grasp,

we share through it the light.

Will Michigan get two?

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We do have two peninsulas, after all.

No matter, that marble hunt FB page is a closed group.

Easy enough to join

I’m glad to see some long time familiar
names. I hope you are all doing fine.

Topher’s Stuff is Beautiful!
I have a couple marbles, and several glass jars. All really beautiful.

I am sure he took care of the California one himself. I might need to go to Eureka to look.

BTW: he sells his stuff as Copious Glass on Esty

Doing just Awesome!
Lost 50 # and in the best shape I have been in 30 years!

Not paddling much, but my new hobbies include a tall, thin, girlfriend with a red convertible Solstice

I’m here also!
Still kickin and kayaking!Huge deck project this summer…replacing both decks and maybe think about putting in a larger pond,not large enough to paddle in but maybe put some koi in…the tall ships have been passing thru the Detroit River and some of us have been able to be out to capture them…my fave kayak turns out to be my beat up rec yak because of it’s light weight and ease of access…

Thanx for the heads up
on Topher’s business… will contact him to buy some of his stuff! Gives me an idea for the garden…

Doing great Jim
Nice to see all these names again too, all in one thread!

Digging Alaska
Just working part time these days

Hey String!
Like you said, good to see some old timers names here. Almost feels like Raystown!

Hey Andy!
I bet u r enjoying retirement! U r retired right? I have 4 more years to go…

Enjoying it immensely!

Thanks for the Shout Out !

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This whole project has been a great chance to reconnect with old friends all over the world..... A few other P-netters are helping as well...... Its also worth noting that former P-net regular "Joemess" is also a glass blower and contributor to this event. His marbles are amazing !

FWIW .... This is my work


and this is Joemess's work


Sounds a lot like geocaching,but with a really cool prize

If all goes to plan
I will be hiding my marble somewhere at Split Rock!

Since some “old timers” are chiming in,
I might as well say “HI” too.

As Cindy and I were returning from a kayaking trip in the Pacific Northwest this week, we drove through Reno and were reminiscing about our paddles with Chuck and Kim and Pam and Mira and…

Lake Donner in the snow, good times in Santa Cruz and Elkhorn Slough, that throwback Doobie Brothers concert, a great weekend at Tahoe, my first attempt to head out the Golden Gate, all special memories with the local Paddling.Netters. There weren’t many of us in California a decade ago.

Hope all of you are well,