Has Weldwood changed?

I tend to buy my contact cement in small quantities, as my projects are on teh small side and I don’t want to waste money on a large can.

I needed cement recently and lo and behold it appears that Weldwood has abandoned the small glass bottles in favor of plastic ones. Every bottle I looked at, in two different stores (neighborhood hardware and big box) was swollen. I bought one, and I believe that the quality of the glue is either lower or the packaging is compromizing the glue.

Anyone else experience this?


Buy it in cans, instead

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You can get the pint cans pretty cheap and they last for years. I haven't had any problems with them drying up in between uses. BTW, I recommend getting the gel version rather than the liquid, as it stays in place much better when you're applying it.

I have one
a small brown glass bottle of contact cement, bought it at Lowe’s not too long ago. Works great.

Make sure you are using the original and

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not the nonflammable. The nonflammable (green or turq color label) does not work as well. Original is in red label.

Additional info: In other adhesive products I have found their gel and/or quick versions do not work as well as the original liquid normal drying products. So may want to test the weldwood gel before using it on everything.