Hatch Cam Levers: Sources?

Replacing the cam levers on my Caribou. Is Pygmy really the only source for these? I don’t so much mind the price ($5 each), but when I try to order 6 of the things I get a shipping price of $14.47. Seems a bit much for a shipment that could fit in a modestly sized envelope. Any other sources that you folks are aware of?



fixed it
OK, responding to my own post, mainly so there isn’t any negative inference re Pygmy. I called them. Very pleasant. The website just shows some kind of estimated shipping; the actual shipping costs can be much lower. In my case, they said it should be “around $3.00”, which makes much more sense. There is a note about this on their website, I just wasn’t sure how it worked. They apparently don’t charge your card until they have checked to see what the actual shipping will be.

Anyway, all worked out fine and I have ordered the items.


Did you try calling CD?

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... or a CD dealer.
I have Pygmy's on mine, the old stainless ones.
Don't remember why I switched them.
The new plastic Pygmy's look good and made to not release as easy on a rescue.

Edit: OK good, I missed your update.

that was next on my list
I was going to call CD, but as noted resolved it. I do like the look of the Pygmy ones, with that “jog” that seems designed to avoid slipping off.

Anyway, thanks for your help. This restoration is slowly coming together, and I hope to have the boat back on the water in two weeks.