hatch cover leashes

My hatch covers (VCP) have external keeper leashes. The leash is attached to the cover on the outside edge and click to the boat on the deck. The big advantage to this that i’ve found is that without the leash running through the hatch opening it makes it easier to stuff things in and yank 'em out.

But i can’t help wondering how much better my life would be without the extra clutter of hatch cover leashes hanging around on the deck of my boat. Anybody have problems with these? Any reason to change to internal leashes? Anybody done any modifications from external to internal?

I just find myself looking longingly at other people’s hatch covers with their dang internalized tethers. Please don’t tell me to get a life. I know.


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Really? Your external leashes bother you or impact your paddling ability so much that your life would be better if they were internal?

Is this what we're coming to? Discussions over hatch leashes? To tell you the truth I've never once thought about how these necessary but minor item affect my paddling.

I also own a valley boat, I made my own teathers that slide along the rigging, low profile and have never impacted paddling, rolls, rescues or packing.

Sorry for the a-hole reply, but really, this is what keeps you up at night?

Internal anchors seem weaker
I’ve replaced several internal hatch leashes with external ones because the line ripped through the internal anchor hole. Never had this problem with external anchors. IIABDFI

Wow dude. It was kind of a joke. Lighten up.

the ole
grass be greener thing . Course you could change just one hatch cover an see if your life has improved drastically-HA .


My boat was made in 86 the vcp covers have a steel band around the recess liken an oil filter wrench that lock the rim to the hatch an thesee are attached to the life line via a small lineso when they are taken off ya move em out of the way .Myself I like outside .

Well, that one send me to Google…


I learned something knew today.

But do you know how to pronounce it???
Neither do I :wink:

Wow II
I know I was trying to yank your chain :-), but after years and years of reading and posting here, your post struck a nerve how some obsess over what many consider a very trivial thing that has really nothing to do with the performance of the boat. We could post for hours regarding questions about hulls, skegs, rudders, materials, layups, etc. but your posting is probably the first to comment on the look of those those pesky hatch tethers.

Are you shitting me!?
There is NOTHING on this forum that is important. No one needs a kayak. It’s a completely discretionary activity. Dealing with trivial issues is what we do here. Don’t be so condescending. As far as the exterior leash is concerned - why don’t you look into how interior leashes are installed and simply move it? Don’t trust it not to get ripped off if you’re traveling too fast on the highway though.

glue em down.

Hatch leashes
It’s your boat,make it like you want to. Paddle on. VF

Turn 'em
Soak you hatch covers in warm water to soften them.

Turn them inside-out.

Now the tethers are on the inside!