Hatch Cover measuring favor

any one close to their Valley Kayak? I’m ordering Reed Chillcheater replacement hatch covers and am 1 hour from my boats. Could you measure the size of the hatches for me and post it here tonight? I would love to order them before I leave in the morning for TG vacation. Its the two big hatches and the smaller day hatch. Thanks!


17-1/4" x 9-3/4" for the oval and 8" for the round measured to the outside of the lip on my Avocet.


here is what i’m looking at:


Look at the 17" model and tell me what you think.

I’ve been using their coverall cag for sometime, very robust material and I’m thinking of saving maybe what 8-10 pounds of carry if i switch to them for normal paddling days.

Please share your thoughts and thanks so much for the measurement!!!

Hmmm …
I would be worried about implosion if you got into conditions. Valley also offers neoprene emergency hatch covers for about $10-15 (made by Seals, I believe - made in USA). I have one of each size, but have heard these may not be good in conditions for the same reason. Some have suggested using a beach ball for an emergency hatch cover. Blow it up to seal the hole and it should help to prevent implosion. Maybe if you used floatation bags they would be OK, especially if just doing day trips and not carrying much gear.


Thanks for the input.
99% of my paddling is nonconditioned unfortunately and these covers would be idea. Now the question has become whether to use the Reed or the Valley neoprene. I’m trying to get away from neoprene simply because it stays wet for so long in my environment.

Funny measurements
Went to the secondwindsport website and they offer the 16" Reed cover for the Valley 17.25 inch hatch??? maybe small to stretch for a good fit?

Hatch Cover measuring favor

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I thought hatches were measured by the inside diameter, after all, that is the way you'd determine if something fits inside.

Anyhow, I had to order a day hatch cover for my NDK Romany which has the same size cover as a friends Valley Avocet (I borrowed/used it while waiting for my new one to arrive)

The order size was 7-1/2" round.

I believe the ovals are 16"x9", but I'm not positive on that.

is a Brit company…when I ordered a sprayskirt for a Valley Ocean cockpit from them, I just told them it was for a Valley …they do enough Valleys. They got it right. A skin boat with a differant size cockpit other than standard Valley would be something that you definately would have to measure.

Best Wishes


thanks for pointing that out Roy
I’v found the north American distributor and will order later today. Thanks again.

8 to 10lbs. Are you sure?
I’ve weighed the old heavy Walden hatches and they were around 7lbs. I haven’t weighed the new Valley’s but they felt considerably lighter.

I was just spouting off
about the weight, but even if they are 7 pounds the replacements will be lighter…plus the Valley OEMs will be in safe keeping until I sell a boat…ouch, terrible thought.