Hatch cover

I have lost the rear hatch cover for my Wilderness systems cape lookout. The factory said the do not have any. I was hoping that someone would have some idea’s. Thanks

Maybe this?
I’m not too familiar with WS boats, much less their hatch covers and sizes, but Reed makes some realtively adjustable hatch covers, available here:


If the covers are similar to VCP or KayakSport hatches, you should be able to purchase some from a number of retailers online, just google it.

Its going to be hard to get a Cover
because the Cape Lookout Series has been out of production for quite some time. That is why WS had none.

You’re Pretty Much Out Of Luck…
the CapeLookout hatch (I had that boat) won’t match up with anything out there. Your best bet is probably to shape and glass a cover that fits over the opening and to install rubber gasket around the cover edges to make a more water tight fit (the Capelookout hatches weren’t 100 percent water tight anyways).

Making and epoxy/glass cover is not really that hard if you have experience working with the stuff. Make a cardboard shape of just the top of the hatch opening, covered that with saran wrap and lay out I would say at least 3 successive layers of glass/epoxy. When dry, put that cover over the hatch opening and trim off any excess to match the opening. Wrap saran wrap around the side walls of the hatch opening, wrap glass around that and epoxy. Do three layers. Remove when dry. Match up the cover with the sidewall piece. Use 5 minute epoxy to quickly bond the two. Sand down and then layer at least two glass pleces of glass over the joint. Use epoxy and filler to fill out the joint on the inside (not too much) so you can lay a strip of glass over that. The idea is to sandwich the joint with epoxy and glass. The you can use thin weatherizing foam strip to glue into the inside of the hatch cover to give a more watertight fit.

You can get glass, epoxy and coloring (black) at west marine.

Also, now is the time to add on nylon straps and fastex buckles, extending from the side of the hatch openings to help keep the hatch covers down. The capelookout hatch covers can blow off or implode without the extra security of the tied down straps.

Good luck.




when we owned the shop we had a bunch of 'em.

might be worth an email.


come to think of it…
I MAY have one in my boneyard.

I’ll check tomorrow and let you know. If not I maybe able to scronge you up one in a couple weeks.