hatch covers for prijon seayak

any suggestions on where to get neoprene hatch covers for my seayak. old ones are toast, holes and tears ect.


Hi cooldoctor1
Love the seayak!! as you can see, I’m working on making it as good as new. have been out on it maybe 10 times so far and have convinced a mountain bikeing buddy to try it and now he’s in the process of buying a Necky Zoar sport. Thanks for all your input!!

I wish we lived closer, R42. We’d be sharing Prijon adventures and caviar dreams.

Love my Seayak…
Many thousands of miles, and still going strong.

I have no regrets, no complaints, and no intentions at this point of ever getting rid of it.

In fact, I love it so much that I have another one sitting in my rack virtually unused just in case they ever stop making them for some reason.

Maybe we should start our own club, website, etc…and start a Prijon owners movement?

Kudos to Prijon~ Splash

Oh, and btw…
I’ve found that taking my neoprene hatch covers off when not in use, and storing them inside prolongs the life of them a great deal. You may already do this, but just in case you don’t.

Paddle on~ Splash

tssplash wrote a wonderful Seayak review

thanks splash
a prijon owners movement!! Don’t prunes do that? :0)

If you can’t find it

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in Wildnet.com or the ordering link doesn't work (happens often), better call them at 303-444-2336. The price is $26.95 according to my list from them.

Yes…and a few other who know…
"a prijon owners movement!! Don’t prunes do that? :0) "

If you’re referring too older ppl when you say prunes, yes, I guess they usually are the ones who INITIATE movements. But if you look a bit closer you’ll find “movements” are usually both intiated, and comprised of people who are passionate about a certain type of car, music, etc…regardless of age. I think the reason older aged persons are usually associated with this is because with age, hence experience usually comes the understanding of appreciation. It is very difficult, and rare to get someone who is young to understand how “valuable”, or “important” things are, because they haven’t yet learned enough to know how great something actually is.

I’ve personally noticed that most Prijon, not just Seayak, but Sea-kayak owners seem to have this same passion in common because we believe this product to be exceptional, and outstanding.

I have a special relationship with my Seayak, not unlike a person who maintains an old car that they bought new many years ago, that might have over 200,000 miles or more on it, had some of the best memories of their life in it, been through thick, and thin together, been dependable as could ever be expected, even no doubt saved their life a few times, performed flawlessly, and is still running as strong, and faithful today as it ever did.

That’s exactly how I would describe my relationship with this kayak, and (if it were on the basis that I had to keep, and paddle a trade) I wouldn’t trade my Seayak for any other kayak there is.

It’s nice to get with others who understand, and can share our passions the way we do. Whatever that passion may be.

What I was suggesting (with a bit of light humor ofcourse) is not a political movement, nor a hippie peace, and love movement but merely a “movement” to allow others who may be looking to get into this sport, or upgrade to a different boat to see what a difference (what most people would look at, and consider just a little plastic kayak) a great kayak can make in a person’s life.

I’ve just seen too many “bail out” on this sport due to poor choice of boats. They buy a new boat without taking their time to research, test, etc…and within the first year, or even in some cases the first few month just stop paddling, because they dislike their boat choice for whatever reason. Maybe sharing our passion, instead of only information, and advice could help some of those ppl acheive what they are searching for. I know how frustrating it can be to have a boat that’s more trouble to get out, load, use, and restore than what it’s worth.

I know I’ve found something I’ll be doing the rest of my life. And even though I’ve paddled canoes, etc…dang near all my life, I know that if I’d have chosen any other kayak, I wouldn’t have had the experiences I’ve enjoyed, nor would I view, or have stayed with this sport the way I have. Paddling has been very good to me, and so has this kayak. It’s definitely been one of the best parts of my life.

Paddle on~ Splash

you can bet
I’ll be carrying the Prijon torch in this area.

We appreciate ya!

tssplash waxes poetic

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Well said, tssplash. I feel similarly about my Prijons, and really just like looking at them. Polish with some 303 by opening my truck tailgate, put the 17 footer up there on a sunny day, and spray and buff that baby until founder Tony Prijon would be proud. I like the lines, I like the size, I like the fit and finish, and just as you mention, it brings back tons of full memories of paddling the craft. A life sport, indeed.

Hell, a sea kayak retailer on eBay was basically giving away my favorite, a Prijon Barracuda, and I posted it here, no one seemed to bite, so I bought the thing... a carbon copy of the one I already own and love, just because -- like a lost pup--I felt it needed a home. I hoped to mount it above my mantle in the livingroom, but my wife insisted that it reside in the garage like an unloved mutt, so now I am relegated to going out there, sitting in it on the garage floor once in a while, tucking my thigh and edging right and left pretending I'm paddling with the Orcas off the Baja peninsula. My John Deere lawn tractor becomes a navigational buoy. The Schwinn trike a dolphin. The little oil stain on the floor a kelp bed. I put on my Bell bike helmet if I plan to kayak surf... sometimes place a piece of minicell under the stern to give the feeling of coasting and carving down a breaking swell on the Pacific Ocean, with gulls (the overhead garage lights) swirling overhead. Just don't get too carried away and swat at the bird with your Werner, or you'll be sitting in the pitch dark with glass shards on your sprayskirt faster than you can say, "A gull just pooped on me, dammit. And who the hell turned out the sun?"

If one of my neighbors happens to be a Peeping Tom and looks in my garage window, he'll be in a for a shock. I can see the puzzled look on his kisser and can hear his perverted mind humming, "I didn't know this family had a big kid with Down's Syndrome?"


call up dive shops
As a last resort, call up dive shops and see who locally does wet suit alterations,they work with neoprene and will be able to make you hatch covers no problem.

Good memories, Hope all worked out–200