hatch covers needed

Does anybody know what size hatch covers fit the Tsunami 120 pro kayak? It is a 2006 model and even Wilderness system seems to be having trouble identifying the correct maker and size for replacement hatch covers. I need both the stern oval and the bow round hatch cover to be replaced.

WS or 3rd party covers
Do you know the mfg o the covers?

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Try this site:

hey thanks!

Try Here


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Last time I paddled in Homer, AK., someone stole my hatch covers!


Ohhh! Homer, Alaska!
And here I thought Marge was making Homer sell his hatch covers…

harch cover

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I have a 2006 125 pro, and it has regular WS hatches, black with grey insert in middle, has round on front and oval at back.

I will keep an eye out
Plan to head down the Kenai for paddling this winter.