Hatch Covers - Vaseline or Silicone?

Is it a good idea [or bad idea] to put some sort of lubricant on the inside edge of [tupperware] hatch covers - to allow them to snap on easier??

If the answer is yes, what should be used - vaseline, or silicone grease, or something else ??

Thanks in advance.


Petro based Rots Rubber…
use silicone.


K-Y Jelly?

Lub Job
303 protector. I’ve used for years. It works. Vaughn Fulton

Usually can find an ample supply nearby!

Works for me!

I just used some 303
on our kayaks. Dh’s hatch covers were looking sort of dull. The 303 shined them right up, and they slip on easily now. Enough so that he worried whether they would stay on when needed.


All over them…

Adds protection…

Save the K-Y…


kentucky makes a jelly? is that anything like boston baked beans, maine lobster or tennesee pulled pork…or is that different.

Lemon scented Pledge, the SC Johnson
family will love you for it. Make your hatch covers smell better too, recommended by Old Town.