Hatch Covers

I need to replace the hatch covers on a valley Jublee nordkapp. They are cracked and leaking water. I found one ocean brand 9" hatch that’s very hard to put on, so I’m hoping to find a different brand.

Maybe Here…

Why not use Valley brand?
Yes, they are tight. But that is good thing, yes?

Use Valley covers on your Valley boat
Valley hatch covers are the best made. Your Valley Nordkapp came equipped with Valley hatches so the best replacement is Valley hatch covers:




Valley hatches
The Valley rims require the Valley hatches. The are shaped differently than the Kajaksport hatches (another common type).

But at $75 a pop for a piece of rubber
for the large hatch I find that a little excessive…

Or $75 to be sea worthy…
Valley hatches aren’t cheap. But a properly fitting hatch beats the alternative if you are paddling in nasty stuff.

Yup, Valley covers fit Valley rims…
As far as I am aware only Valley hatch covers properly fit Valley rims.

The Valley day hatch on my Elaho is now nearly 10 years old and is still fine. The hatches on my Valley Aquanaut are now 7 years old and are still fine.

Valley hatches are not cheap, but IMHO they are worth the price.

Besides, we’re talking about hatches for a Nordkapp… not some cheap Tupperware :wink:

Bite the bullet, then take care of them
No option I know of, other than buying new Valley covers. Use 303 protectant frequently on them - it seems to extend their life greatly and makes them go on and off more easily.


for those tight hatches,
smear a bit o dish washin soap on the rims , it’ll help em slide on easyier an won’t hurt the parts