Hatch Mounted Compass???

I have a Kajaksport Viviane that does not have a kayak recess and would like to mount a compass.

I have seen those hatch covers that have a compass attached but have not found anyplace that sells them.

Is that something that you just mount yourself by attaching one of those surface mount compasses to the hatch cover?

If so then what is the best way to do this? I don’t think there would be any way to glue it on securely. I guess you could screw it on and then seal the screw holes on the underside of the hatch to prevent it from leaking.




Hatch Material?
Are the hatch covers rubber like NDK and Valley, or fiberglass like Current Designs, etc? I’m guessing rubber, but the only time I’ve seen this done is with a FG hatch (maybe wood too).

I don’t think I’d want to put one on a rubber hatch - glue probably won’t hold it, and drilling thru it could lead to a rip doing a rescue, etc.

Mounting a compass
I use one that has bungee cord and clips. Put it on the deck about where you want it and attach to your bungee cords on the boat. Simple and it works. Remember the rule, drill no unnecessary holes. VF

Mounting on rubber hatches…
…is not a particularly good idea. Sure, you can mount a compass securely to them, but the alignment will change every time your remove and replace the hatch cover unless you’re very careful to realign it every time. A compass that doesn’t point in the right direction is worse than useless.

Aqua Meter Sailor II
I have had good luck with this model compass mounted to my VCP 7.5" hatch cover. I’ve used the same hatch cover on last 2 kayaks. The base is mounted with 4 screws to the hatch cover. The compass then snaps onto the base. There is an index mark that is referenced when putting on the hatch cover. Simply have index mark point towards tip of bow.

I use a standard hatch cover for occasions where compass is not necessary and also when transporting.

Mine has never leaked (I am now knocking on my head).

Cost about $65. Al